The 27 Strongest Villains In The MCU, Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has released a good two dozen films since 2008, and in that time the studio has given the world some truly powerful villains. In order for a villain to be compelling, they need to offer enough of a challenge to the heroes, or they will be boring and easily forgotten. Fortunately, the MCU is littered with powerful foes, many of whom are singularly more powerful than the heroes they go up against.

There are tons of villains to choose from for a list like this one, but determining the strongest Marvel movie villains is no easy task. This list comprises the biggest and baddest bad guys the MCU has to offer, and it's up to you to determine who is the strongest of them all!


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    Dormammu is a being from and ruler of the Dark Dimension who possesses immeasurable power. He has existed since the beginning of time, and his only desire is to conquer all of reality by merging his dimension with the MCU, otherwise known as Earth-199999. Doing so requires acolytes, and Dormammu finds willing subjects in Kaecilius and his zealots. When they succeed in initiating the transition that will bring Dormammu to Earth, Doctor Strange steps in to stop him.

    Dormammu is caught in a time loop with Strange, and no matter how many times or ways Dormammu destroys Strange, the loop resets, trapping him within a pocket of time. To escape, Dormammu agrees to leave Earth forever, and he takes Kaecilius and the zealots to torture forever. Dormammu's power is essentially incomprehensible, as his abilities cross time, space, and reality. 

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    Thanos is the sole surviving member of his species from the planet Titan. Before it was destroyed, he tried to get his people to sacrifice half their population, which would eliminate the growing lack of resources the planet faced, but he was denied. Ultimately, Titan did fall, and Thanos began his mission to "help" other worlds by slaughtering half of their populations so that they wouldn't suffer the same fate as his own.

    This makes him an enemy of all life, but it isn't until he begins acquiring the Infinity Stones that he becomes a threat to literally all life in the universe. His goal is to quicken his mission by obtaining all of the Stones and snapping his fingers, which would then cull half of all life from existence. This includes all single-cell and multicellular life, so plants, animals, people, and everything else is at risk.

    Thanos manages to carry out his snap, but he is later hunted down by the remaining Avengers and beheaded. Through some time travel shenanigans, he returns to battle the entire might of the Avengers, Wakanda, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Ravagers, and more at the Battle of Earth. His goal at this point is to completely reshape the universe in his image, but he is stopped by Iron Man, who takes the Stones and snaps Thanos and his army from existence at the cost of his own life.

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    Hela is the first-born daughter of Odin, but when her eagerness for battle grows too great, Odin banishes her to the realm of the dead. There, she becomes the Goddess of Death, and she is unable to return until Odin's passing. When he dies, she manifests herself in the earthly plane only moments later, meeting Thor and Loki at the site of their father's demise.

    Hela demands that they acknowledge her superiority, but the boys aren't having any of that, so they draw their weapons. Hela manifests ornate swords from thin air and destroys Thor's hammer Mjolnir without breaking a sweat. She draws her power from Asgard, and after knocking Thor and Loki out of the way, she makes it there. She immediately begins wiping out Asgardian warriors, and manages to singlehandedly slaughter the entire Asgardian military. 

    She proves she is invincible, and Thor only manages to get away from her with his strongest attack, which doesn't even scratch her. Ultimately, Asgard has to be destroyed to take her out, so Loki throws Surtur's crown into the Eternal Flame and initiates Ragnarok. Surtur defeats Hela by driving his blade through her to the core of Asgard, destroying it forever.

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    Surtur is the ruler of Muspelheim and the prophesied being who will initiate Ragnarok, bringing about the destruction of Asgard. Odin defeated Surtur ages ago by taking the Eternal Flame from him and banishing him and his whole race to Muspelheim. It is there that Thor discovers Surtur is still alive, so he knocks his crown from his head, destroying him.

    Surtur returns when the prophecy is fulfilled by Loki, who takes the crown of Surtur and places it within the Eternal Flame. Doing this causes Surtur to return to his normal size, which is about as big as a mountain, and he goes about destroying the various buildings of Asgard.

    While this is happening, Thor and his allies, along with the remaining population of Asgardians, manage to escape, leaving Surtur to deal with Hela. He easily thrusts his blade through Hela and into the core of Asgard, destroying the home of the Asgardians forever.

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    Ego is the father of Peter Quill, but more than that, he's a Celestial. In the MCU, Celestials are enigmatic cosmic beings so large, the decapitated head of one functions as a mining colony called Knowhere. For Ego, his size is dependent on how he chooses to manifest himself. He's a planet, but he can take humanoid form to visit other worlds, which is how he came to be Peter's father.

    As a Celestial, his power is nearly limitless, but as the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 prove, he does have a weakness. Get to the center of his world and destroy his brain, and Ego dies. His planet remains in some form after his demise, but the entity who controlled it is gone forever.

    Ego shows off a number of abilities, including matter and energy manipulation (the ability to create something from nothing), and he can place a part of himself into a world's soil as a seed. When he initiates enough of his power through another, he can activate them from across the stars as a means of expanding his being to every inhabited world in the galaxy.

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    He Who Remains

    He Who Remains is a being known by many names, one of which is almost certain to be familiar to comic book readers in “Kang the Conqueror.” Originally a scientist born in the 31st century, He Who Remains discovered the existence of the Multiverse, and then of countless other versions of himself. Soon, it came to inter-dimensional conflict between the more imperial-minded of the variants, and in the end, there was only one iteration and “Sacred Timeline” left: hence, He Who Remains.

    Since the Multiversal War was waged across countless timelines and time periods, He Who Remains has access to wondrous technology - not just from the future, but from all futures. He’s also got a perfect recollection of everything that has happened or will happen right up until the End of Time, so he’s impossible to surprise. Catch He Who Remains in his post-Alioth citadel, and one might have a chance to defeat him - if that’s what he decides should happen. 

    Even then, there will always be another version of him on the way to cause more trouble. 

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