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The 15 Strongest Mutant Type Quirks In My Hero Academia

In the world of My Hero Academia, quirks are divided into three different categories: Emitter, Mutant, and Transformation. While these distinctions aren't talked about that much in the series itself, they do exist. For this article, we're highlighting Mutant quirks. Unlike the other two categories, Mutant quirks are often apparent since birth, because they permanently impact the user's appearance in ways that are sometimes extreme. Though their use can be slowed down by quirks like Aizawa's Erasure, they can't be totally eliminated - Tsuyu Asui won't suddenly lose her froggy appearance if her teacher uses his quirk on her. 

Many of these quirks give the user an animalistic appearance and grant them the traits of that animal. Tsuyu can do anything a frog can do, and Gang Orca can do anything an orca can do. But some Mutant quirks have nothing to do with animals: thanks to Engine, Tenya Iida can dramatically enhance his speed with powerful engines built into his legs. 

Which are the strongest mutant quirks in My Hero Academia? That's up to you. Vote up the best ones and let the world know your opinion. 

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    Fierce Wings - Hawks

    Hawks' ability, Fierce Wings, has one obvious feature - it gives him a pair of enormous, bright red wings. These grant him the ability to fly at high speeds, but they can do more than just that. He can detach the feathers and telekinetically control them. This has two primary functions. The first is that each feather has sensory abilities, greatly increasing the range of Hawks' hearing and vision. The second is that he can sharpen the feathers and use them as weapons.

    The one drawback is that if he loses his feathers, he won't be able to fly. As long as the feathers still exist, he can bring them back to his body, but if they've been destroyed he'll have to wait two days for them to grow back. 

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    Jet - Gran Torino

    Using Jet, Gran Torino can expel the oxygen he breathes through holes in his feet. By doing so, he can propel himself into the air and fly at a remarkable speed. He can also use this air to enhance his strength. Though he can't fly as effectively as those who don't rely on the oxygen they use, he's quite skilled at using his quirk to his advantage. 

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    Dupli-Arms - Shoji Mezo 

    Dupli-Arms is kind of creepy, but it's also super useful. Shoji Mezo has a set of arm tentacles that he can use to reproduce any one of his organs that he chooses. This includes the tentacles themselves, which means that he increase how far away these organs appear from his body. However, he doesn't have as much control when he has multiple organs going at once. 

    For the most part, Shoji uses his quirk to see and hear things that are happening far away from him. But he can also increase his number of arms to use in combat, and use the webbed structure connecting his arms to shield his allies or himself from danger. 

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    Frog - Tsuyu Asui

    Many mutant quirks grant their user the attributes of a particular animal. Tsuyu Asui's quirk. Frog, is the first one viewers are introduced to, and it's one of the coolest. Frog lets her do "everything a frog can do." This includes using her long tongue to grab people and items, a sticky grip that lets her climb up walls, the ability to produce a protective coat of mucus that can paralyze other people, swim exceptionally well, use camouflage, and use her stomach acid as a weapon and her stomach as a storage space. The only weakness is that she's cold-blooded, so she's vulnerable to cold weather, and can dry out in extreme heat.