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The 18 Strongest Naruto Characters Of All Time

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Naruto is home to some of the strongest characters to ever appear in an anime - seriously, there are characters who can wipe out the planet with a single move, which isn't something that can be said for every show. But with so many outlandishly strong contenders, who are the most powerful Naruto characters?

Members of the Uchiha clan, a family known for their incredible eye based ability, crop up frequently. Sasuke Uchiha begins life as a child prodigy who can hold his own against adults, but he ends up gathering such a wide range of powers that he's almost godlike. Madara Uchiha follows a similar trajectory. But super-powered characters crop up outside of the Uchiha clan as well - Tsunade can not only heal herself and others with speed and precision, she can also split the ground open with her fists. And let's not forget Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the first person to ever wield chakra, who can use just about any power to ever exist.

Who is truly the strongest? You be the judge.

  • Hashirama Senjuu is one of the founders of Konoha, and is considered to be one of the greatest ninja in the city's history. His most powerful technique, Wood Release, is so highly sought after that his DNA was preserved and Orochimaru tried desperately to replicate it but only really succeeded in granting the ability to Yamato.

    Wood Release allows him to create and manipulate plant matter. This could mean anything from creating venomous plants to building wooden structures that could contain tailed beasts. He also possesses so much stamina that he was once able to continue fighting for a full 24 hours. He absolutely deserves his legendary status. 

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  • You can't get any stronger than a legendary god-like figure such as Hagoromo Otsutsuki. As the son of Kaguya Otsutsuki, Hagoromo possesses the same powerful chakra as his mother. He is also able to use Yin–Yang Release which helped him become the Ten-tails' first Jinchūriki. It's no wonder why he's regarded as the Sage of Six Paths.

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  • It takes a metric ton of strength to be able to be willing to have your eyeball plucked out as you're on the verge of losing your life, and then to recover from having half of your body smashed under a boulder. If Obito had stopped there, he still would have deserved a spot on this list, but Obito became even stronger than that - he's able to use just about every ability that the mangekyou Sharingan and the Rinnegan have to offer, including resurrecting ninja from the past, powerful genjutsu techniques, and more.

    His more noteworthy ability is Kamui, which allows him to travel to different dimensions and to permeate objects at will. He also houses the Ten-Tails, the most powerful tailed beast of all, in his body, which gives him access to a plethora of potentially world-ending techniques.  

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  • At the age of 13, Itachi was the strongest member of the Uchiha clan: one of the most powerful clans in Konoha. He was a member of ANBU, an elite faction of Konoha ninja that accepted only the most talented, and could easily take on any adult. 

    This is why Danzō chose him to manipulate into slaying his entire family. He successfully wiped out the whole Uchiha clan with Obito's help and became a valuable member of the Akatsuki after that. He mastered just about every standard ninja technique while making great use of what his mangekyou Sharingan had to offer. Specifically, he could use Ameterasu, a move that creates a fire that never stops burning, and Susanoo, a powerful chakra-based armor. He's also a master of genjutsu, which allows him to create powerful illusions that trap and control his opponents.

    Despite suffering from an unnamed terminal illness, he's still one of the most formidable ninja in the world. 

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