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The 18 Strongest Naruto Characters Of All Time

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Naruto is home to some of the strongest characters to ever appear in an anime - seriously, there are characters who can wipe out the planet with a single move, which isn't something that can be said for every show. But with so many outlandishly strong contenders, who are the most powerful Naruto characters?

Members of the Uchiha clan, a family known for their incredible eye based ability, crop up frequently. Sasuke Uchiha begins life as a child prodigy who can hold his own against adults, but he ends up gathering such a wide range of powers that he's almost godlike. Madara Uchiha follows a similar trajectory. But super-powered characters crop up outside of the Uchiha clan as well - Tsunade can not only heal herself and others with speed and precision, she can also split the ground open with her fists. And let's not forget Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the first person to ever wield chakra, who can use just about any power to ever exist.

Who is truly the strongest? You be the judge.

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