The 15 Strongest Villains In 'One Piece' History, Ranked

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One Piece is filled with powerful villains - but which of them is truly the strongest? With so many great candidates, it's hard to say which one truly deserves that distinction. Let's count down some of the hardest-to-beat foes that the Straw Hats have ever had to face.

Is the strongest villain Big Mom, a woman capable of manipulating the souls of others? What about Kaido, a man who can transform into a dragon and is so hardy that only the strongest can damage his body at all? Is it Blackbeard, the only pirate to ever successfully wield two Devil Fruits? You be the judge.


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    Rocks D. Xebec

    Not much is known about Rocks D. Xebec's abilities, but his strength is clear nonetheless. He's one of the few people that Kaido has judged strong enough to potentially defeat him.

    What's more, he was one of Gol D. Roger's biggest rivals, which means that his abilities likely came close to the Pirate King's. 

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    Kaido is one of the Four Emperors, and he's so strong that if anyone is able to do any damage to him whatsoever, it's a sign of their own immense power. In fact, he's so strong that even he has trouble damaging himself.

    Besides his ridiculous physical strength, he's mastered all three forms of Haki and can easily knock people out with his Hassaikai kanabo club. That's not even touching his Devil Fruit, which lets him turn into a massive, super-powered dragon.

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    Blackbeard is the only person in the One Piece universe to successfully consume two Devil Fruits and survive long enough to gain their power. Initially, he obtained the Dark-Dark Fruit, which lets him control darkness itself. Often, this involves creating a black hole-style void that sucks up everything around them.

    After Whitebeard passed, he got his hands on the Quake-Quake Fruit, which lets him create earthquakes. Add his ability to use two kinds of Haki with his skill at wielding guns and giant claws, and he's practically unstoppable. 

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    Akainu is a fleet admiral with almost total control over the Marines. But he hardly even needs the backup - he can easily decide the outcome of a fight on his own.

    Whether it's with his enormous physical strength and endurance, or his ability to control and transform into magma, he's one of the most terrifying people in the One Piece world. 

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    Big Mom

    Big Mom has boasted immense physical power from an early age. While this has caused a number of problems for her, she's been able to use it to build an empire.

    Aside from raw, innate strength and the ability to eat just about anything, she also has the Soul-Soul Fruit, one of the most bone-chilling Devil Fruits out there. This fruit gives her control over her own and other people's souls. Sometimes, this means imbuing inanimate objects with souls and creating an army of "homies." Sometimes it means shaving off years from other people's life spans in order to punish them. She can take so much time that the person expires on the spot, or she can take small amounts and use it to manipulate others. 

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    Kizaru seems like a chill, laid-back guy, but you don't want to underestimate him. His Devil Fruit lets him control, create, and transform into light. This makes him ridiculously fast, as he can travel at the speed of light.

    He often fights using high-powered kicks or with a sword that's made out of light itself. He can blind his opponents with flashes of light. All in all, fighting him is incredibly difficult - and it sounds like a nightmare for people with migraines or sensitive eyes. 

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