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The 20 Strongest Paramecia Devil Fruits In One Piece, Ranked

Many of the characters in One Piece get their abilities through eating Devil Fruits. These fruits are divided into three categories: Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia. For this list, we're focusing on the most common variety, Paramecia. Paramecia fruits can encompass a wide range of abilities, but typically allow the user to change their body, change their environment, or produce a substance. They don't involve transforming into an animal like Zoan fruits do, and they don't let the user control natural elements like Logia fruits do. 

What are the strongest Paramecia devil fruits? There are plenty to choose from. One of the best is the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, which Whitebeard used to create quakes in both land and sea - that is, until Blackbeard stole the fruit and made it his own. There's also Donquixote Doflamingo's String-String fruit, which lets him slice up opponents with razor-sharp string, sew up his own injuries, and more. And of course, let's not forget the protagonist Luffy - his Gum-Gum Fruit has a wide range of unexpected uses. 

Vote up the Paramedica devil fruits that you think are truly powerful, and vote down the ones that are easily defeated.

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    Tremor-Tremor Fruit - Whitebeard & Blackbeard

    This Devil Fruit originally belonged to Whitebeard, but was stolen by Blackbeard after his demise. The fruit allows its user to create shockwaves that rip through anything from earth to ocean, and is said to be one of the most powerful in the Paramecia class. 

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    Op-Op Fruit - Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar Law's Op-Op Fruit is one of the more complex ones on this list, but here are the basics. He can create a 'room' where anything that happens inside of it is under his control. This has a wide range of applications, but the most notable one is his ability to perform life-saving surgeries and other medical marvels, solving health issues that are otherwise unsolvable. It can also be used offensively - Trafalgar also uses it to slice his opponents to ribbons.

    But it's most legendary effect is its ability to confer immortality via the Perennial Youth Operation, which grants someone else eternal life at the cost of the user's own. 

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    Press-Press Fruit - Fujitora

    Through this devil fruit, Fujitora can create and manipulate gravitational forces. He often conducts this ability through his sword. He can use it to do everything from press a target against the ground to creating craters and fissures within the earth itself. 

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    Soul-Soul Fruit - Carmel & Charlotte Linlin

    Originally belonging to Carmel, this ability was transferred to Charlotte Linlin - aka Big Mom - after Carmel's demise. This fruit lets her extract fragments of people's souls and use them to give inanimate objects life. These new beings, which she calls Homies, can be used to do her bidding. She's able to get massive amounts of Soul Fragments by collecting them from the citizens of Totto Land.

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