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Ranking The Parents of Original Naruto Characters Strongest to Weakest

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The generation of ninja that Naruto focuses on is super strong. Whether it's taught or inherited, many of them get their signature techniques - or at least their potential - from their parents. 

Who are the strongest parents of Naruto characters? Naruto Uzumaki's parents, Kushina and Minato, are obvious contenders. Kushina kept the Nine Tailed fox sealed in her body, and had nearly limitless chakra potential. Meanwhile, Minato was so powerful that he was named the Hokage. There's also Rasa, Gaara's father, who may have made some serious mistakes in the parenting department, but whose incredible strength and awesome jutsu earned him the Kazekage title. Shikamaru's dad, Shikaku, is every bit as brainy as his son, and even Mikoto Uchiha, who we never see fight, was once a jōnin-level ninja.

With so many great choices, it's hard to pick which of the Naruto parents is truly the strongest. Vote up all the characters you think deserves the top spot!

  • There's a good reason why Minato Namikaze was honored with the hokage title - he's one of the greatest ninja in Konoha history. He has the patience, intelligence, and bravery to effectively lead a nation, and he has the strength, speed, and endurance needed to dominate in battle. While he's able to perform a wide range of jutsu including power moves like Rasengan and terrifying techniques like Dead Demon Consuming Seal, he's best known for the Flying Thunder God Technique. This lets him instantly teleport to any location he's previously marked with a special seal. While there's some behind the scenes prep involved in this technique, it's incredibly useful when deployed with a good strategy in mind - and it's why he's nicknamed The Yellow Flash. 

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    Shikaku Nara

    Besides dispensing excellent life advice to his son Shikamaru, Shikaku is also a world-class ninja. Like his teammates Inoichi and Choza, Shikaku is a jōnin-level ninja, which means that he's exceptionally strong. He's a master of the Nara clan's signature Shadow techniques, which allow him to control other people by merging his shadow with theirs. He can also use advanced versions of this technique like the Black Spider Lily technique, which lets him control several people at once while using other parts of his shadow to move freely. 

    But it's not just his clan jutsu that makes Shikaku stand out - he's also a blistering intelligent man with the same strategic mind that his son Shikamaru is known for. For this reason, he was given the job of Chief Strategist of the Allied Shinobi Forces. 

  • As a member of the Uzumaki clan, Kushina possesses vast stores of chakra, as well as healing powers, a long life, and great endurance. This made her a great choice for hosting the Nine-Tailed fox, and led to her being able to survive when it was extracted from her body during childbirth. She also didn't pass away the instant the Nine-Tailed Beast stabbed her with its claw. Having the fox in her body gave her an even bigger chakra boost than he already had.

    Besides that, she's physically strong and proficient in fūinjutsu - the art of sealing techniques. 

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    As the Kazekage, Rasa was acknowledged to be one of the most powerful ninja in Sunagakure. He was able to control the One-Tailed Beast to the point where he was able to seal it inside of his unborn son's body - though whether or not that showed good judgement is another story. With serious training and effort, he was able to combine Earth and Wind elemental release techniques to perform the kekkei genkai Magnet Release. Magnet release lets him manipulate gold dust, which he can summon in huge amounts from the surrounding area. He can use it offensively by striking others with it, or he can use it defensively to create barriers. He can even form an eyeball out of gold dust that allows him to monitor others from a distance.