The 15 Strongest Anime Characters With Psychic Abilities

Whether it's mind reading, mind control, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, or any other mind-based skill, psychic abilities are among the coolest powers the anime world has to offer. The characters who wield those powers are among the most fascinating characters, not to mention the most powerful. But who are the strongest anime psychics? 

One recent example is Mob Kageyama, the protagonist from Mob Psycho 100. Though he seems unassuming, moving buildings with his mind and exorcising ghosts is a breeze for him. While there are plenty of awesome modern psychics, there are great old-school examples too, like Tetsuo Shima from Akira. Tetsuo is thrilled by the powers that he gains through being a government test subject, but they quickly spin out of control.


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    Saiki Kusuo - The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

    For Saiki Kusuo, having psychic powers is a real drag. Sure, he can read people's minds and predict the future, but this means that he has to hear his classmates' weird, annoying thoughts, and predict spoilers for the TV shows he loves. Sure, he can teleport or travel through time, but if he's not careful he could end up teleporting into the middle of an ocean or an ancient war in his sleep. All being able to move heavy objects with his mind means is having to help his parents move furniture.

    His infinite powers are a pain, and he often fantasizes about getting rid of them. But he wouldn't be who he is without them!

  • Tatsumaki - One Punch Man
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    Ask anyone in One Punch Man who the strongest psychic in the world is, and they'll say Tatsumaki. This S-class hero can create psychic barriers so large that they envelop the whole city, easily crush gigantic monsters and space ships, send telepathic messages over long distances, and more. Outside of the unbeatable Saitama, there are very few characters who stand a chance against her. 

  • Though he's an ordinary boy in most respects, Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama has tremendous psychic abilities. The most obvious one is telekinesis, which allows him to control a wide range of objects with his mind. He can also absorb other people's psychic energy, imbue others with his power, use chlorokinesis to grow plants, astral project his spirit into other people's bodies, and sense other psychics. These abilities are directly linked to his emotional state. When his feelings get out of control, it can lead to huge explosions of power. But really, he'd rather just use his powers to help Reigen exorcise ghosts or show off for his crush Tsubomi.

  • Mewtwo - Pokemon
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    Mewtwo was created in a laboratory using Mew's genetics. These genetics were altered with the intention of bolstering the new Pokemon's psychic abilities, but they also created a violent being that struggled with empathy. Its signature move, Psystrike, involves launching waves of psychic powers at a target. It can also levitate, use mind control, and use telekinesis. While Mewtwo is defeatable in the games, in the anime it can only be persuaded to act with compassion.