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The Most Powerful Sci-Fi Villains

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The best sci-fi villains are unmatched by the antagonists of basically any other genre, both in fan interest and in the sheer amount of power they possess. For example, in a rom-com, the villain challenges the central relationship in the movie. In a thriller, the villain might be challenging one or two lives. In a sci-fi movie, the villain is oftentimes challenging all life in the universe - or an entire galactic civilization. To accomplish these monumental and lofty goals, the villain has to have a proportionate amount of power in turn. 

The most powerful sci-fi characters are often gods in their fictional realities. But what if the top science fiction villains were brought together and forced to square off against one another? Could Palpatine overpower the T-1000? What if they were standing on the bridge of the ship controlled by HAL 9000? Every one of these villains is strong - but who's the strongest?