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The 20 Strongest Species In The History of Anime, Ranked

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Humans aren't the only species to exist in the anime world - and they certainly aren't the most powerful. From mythical beings like vampires and demons to anime-created races like the Saiyans and the Pillar Men, there are a plethora of different species who can throw down in battle.

Most of them look like humans, but their abilities are anything but. The strongest anime species often have super strength, super speed, super endurance, and other enhanced abilities. Some can transform their bodies and use elemental magic. Some are immortal, some can destroy planets, and some can create entire universes from nothing. Which are the most powerful? That's up to you. 

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    Chimera Ants - Hunter x Hunter

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    Using Phagogenesis, the Chimera Ant Queen imbues her offspring with the characteristics of the creatures she eats. Once she adds beings who can use Nen to her diet, she's able to create the Chimera Ant King and the Royal Guards. The King is so strong that it took a poisonous chemo-explosive weapon to ultimately destroy him - and even then, it only worked because of the poison. Meanwhile, Gon is only able to defeat a Royal Guard named Neferpitou by trading in every shred of power he'll ever have for the rest of his life. 

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    Vampires - Hellsing

    Not every anime vampire is exceptionally powerful, but the vampires in Hellsing are nothing to mess with. Their abilities are too expansive to fully detail here, but they include shapeshifting, levitation, super strength, reflexes, speed and endurance, hypnosis, regeneration, the ability to create other vampires, and more.  

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    Demons - Demon Slayer

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    The first and strongest demon was Muzan Kibutsuji, who was transformed into one after taking a medication that contained the Blue Spider Lily plant. He then began turning countless people into demons. Demonic abilities vary, but the core powers include superior speed, strength, reflexes and durability, immortality, regenerative abilities, unique powers stemming from their demon blood, and the ability to gain strength from eating humans.

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    Ghouls - Tokyo Ghoul

    Ghouls are similar to humans except for a few key differences. The biggest one, and the one that earns them severe persecution from humans, is that they must eat human flesh to survive. They also have a predatory organ called a kagune which is described as 'liquid muscle' and is fueled by Rc cells that flow from another organ called the kakuhou. Though they're so similar to humans that they can breed with them, they're typically a whole lot stronger than the species they consume. 

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