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The 20 Strongest Species In The History of Anime, Ranked

October 28, 2020 13.4k votes 2.2k voters 83.6k views20 items

Humans aren't the only species to exist in the anime world - and they certainly aren't the most powerful. From mythical beings like vampires and demons to anime-created races like the Saiyans and the Pillar Men, there are a plethora of different species who can throw down in battle.

Most of them look like humans, but their abilities are anything but. The strongest anime species often have super strength, super speed, super endurance, and other enhanced abilities. Some can transform their bodies and use elemental magic. Some are immortal, some can destroy planets, and some can create entire universes from nothing. Which are the most powerful? That's up to you. 

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    Saiyans - Dragon Ball Z

    The Saiyan race was nearly wiped out by Frieza, but its remaining members are some of the strongest beings in the galaxy - especially Goku. As a culture, they prized battle and strength above all things, and their bodies followed suit. Even without transforming, Saiyans boast incredible physical prowess. Once they go Super Saiyan and beyond, their power skyrockets.

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    Shinigami - Death Note

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    Beings called Shinigami have ultimate authority over human life. Each human has an allotted number of years in their lifespan, and when a Shinigami writes down their name in a notebook, they get whatever years remain. There are only two ways to end a Shinigami: if they run out of years from sheer laziness, or if they intentionally use their powers to save a life instead of intend one. 

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    Anti-Spirals - Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

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    Anti-Spirals are a collective consciousness that purged itself of 'dangerous' spiral power. They're both omniscient and omnipotent, capable of creating and eliminating universes at will. They can move through dimensions, change reality to suit their purposes, and replicate drill powers or anything else an opponent tries to throw at them. They may as well be gods. 

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    Celestial Beings - Naruto

    If a power exists in the Naruto-verse, it probably originated from these guys. The Otsutsuki clan consists of Celestial Beings who are far stronger than just about anyone else in the series. They are the originators of all chakra, and possess many of the legendary abilities like the Byakugan and the Rinnegan that were ultimately passed on to human clans. One member, Hagoromo, literally created the Tailed Beasts from the Ten Tails.

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