The 15 Strongest Stands In 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure,' Ranked

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure features some of the strangest powers in the anime universe - Stands. These odd manifestations can do anything from stop time to transform people into snails. While they can do just about anything, some are far more powerful than others. Let's count down some of the strongest Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. From Diavolo's King Crimson to Giorno's Gold Experience Requiem, there are plenty of incredible Stands worth noting.

This list will cover Stands that have appeared in the anime, as well as a few that have only appeared in the manga. So if you're a JoJo fan who's anime-only, keep an eye out for manga screenshots and scroll on by to avoid spoilers.

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    Gold Experience Requiem

    Giorno Giovanna possesses a super-powerful Requiem Stand known as Gold Experience Requiem. It has two noteworthy abilities: Revert to Zero and Lifegiver.

    Using Revert to Zero, GER can nullify any action that takes place, literally reverting it to "zero." This can be used not only to undo whatever Giorno doesn't want to happen, but also to force anyone it destroys into an endless loop of death by continually reverting the target back to "zero." That's what happens to Diavolo. It can also endow just about anything with life energy. This can mean creating living animals from inanimate objects, giving someone a power boost by amping up their life energy, or even temporarily reanimating a deceased body. Pretty impressive! 


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    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C)

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C)
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    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, also known as D4C, means that Funny Valentine is functionally immortal. It allows him to transport his body across multiple dimensions. If his body is irreparably damaged, he can simply swap it out for its healthy alternate-dimension counterpart. He can also summon his alternate selves in droves, giving him greater manpower in a fight. He's the only one who can safely travel to another dimension, but he can drag other people in with him. If those other people encounter their other-dimensional selves, their bodies are destroyed.

    D4C also has an evolved form called Love Train that allows Funny Valentine to redirect any misfortune that comes his way onto others. 

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    Made in Heaven

    Made in Heaven
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    Made in Heaven's powers are so extreme that they're essentially godlike. Using this Stand, Enrico Pucci can accelerate time. He's able to do this by harnessing the gravitational forces of the entire universe. Everyone except Pucci is unable to keep up with or perceive the increased speed, leaving Pucci free to manipulate his surroundings as he pleases. 

    Eventually, Pucci is able to use his Stand to reset the entire universe at a time of his choosing. 

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    Tusk Act 4

    Tusk Act 4
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    Johnny Joestar's Stand, Tusk, has multiple forms called Acts that it can switch between at will, making it an incredibly versatile Stand. Its fourth and final form, Tusk Act 4, is its strongest form yet. 

    To make Tusk Act 4 work, one has to have a good grip on physics. It gets its power from the Golden Spin, a source of infinite energy. The fact that it has infinite energy allows it to perform feats that might otherwise be impossible, such as defying gravity, breaking through dimensional barriers, and more. If it touches someone, it forces them to start spinning infinitely until or unless Johnny hits them with something spinning with the opposite rotation. 

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    Star Platinum

    Star Platinum is so physically powerful that it often doesn't even have to resort to its special abilities. It has super strength, super speed, enhanced eyesight, remarkable precision, and even the ability to extend its fingers and stab people with them from a distance. 

    But if a good old Ora Ora Rush doesn't do the trick, it can always stop time. Star Platinum can freeze everyone except itself and Jotaro for up to five seconds, allowing Jotaro to quickly destroy his opponent or accomplish his goal. 

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    The World

    Although it's not the only Stand with the ability to stop time, Dio's the World is the most noteworthy. When Dio uses it to stop time, he's able to act freely for about five seconds, while those frozen in time are unable to perceive him or do anything to stop him. 

    Because he's more or less immortal, he's been able to extend that time up to nine seconds. There doesn't seem to be an upper limit to how far he can push his Stand. 

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