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The Strongest Members Of Class 1-A In My Hero Academia, Ranked

My Hero Academia is a series filled with powerful characters, and some of them are in Class 1-A. Class 1-A is a group of students attending U.A. High School in the hopes of one day becoming professional heroes, and they have some serious potential. 

Who are the strongest students in Class 1-A? With so many great contenders, it's hard to say. With his dual fire-ice quirk, Shoto Todoroki is definitely top tier. But there's also Momo Yaoyorozu, who can create any object out of her fat cells - how's that for versatile? Izuku Midoriya, who began the series without a quirk, is trying to master one of the most powerful quirks in the known universe, and he's doing a pretty good job.

Vote up the 1-A students who you think are the strongest, and vote down the ones you think have a long way to go.

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    Eijiro Kirishima

    Eijiro Kirishima's quirk might sound like a Metapod's special move, but Hardening is actually wildly useful. Not only can he harden his body to the point where it's almost impossible for him to take any damage, he can also sharpen his body and use it to cut his opponents. At his strongest, he was able to hold his own against Hekiji Tengai and Rappa, two of Overhaul's henchmen.

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    Momo Yaoyorozu

    Momo's quirk, Creation, lets her create any non-living material she wants out of her fat cells - as long as she understands its chemical makeup. This isn't a problem, because in addition to being strong as heck, Momo also has a genius intellect. 

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    Denki Kaminari

    With his control over electricity, Denki Kaminari is a powerful hero-in-training. Sure, his grades aren't great - probably because he's constantly frying his own brain with powerful volts - but he can do a lot of damage to his enemies. Also, he can charge people's electronics, so that's cool, too. 

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    Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu Asui's quirk, Frog, not only makes her hecking adorable, it also gives her a range of froggy abilities. These include the camouflage, long-distance hopping, the ability to stick to walls, the ability to secrete mild poison, and the ability to fight with her tongue. 

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