The Most Powerful Characters On 'The Boys'

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In The Boys Season 3, new characters join the madcap mayhem. These fresh additions to the sardonic show based on a comic book series pair up with the old heads and play pivotal roles in the sheer lunacy and jaw-dropping explosiveness of events such as the infamous Herogasm party. They create an important question, however: Who can be considered The Boys’ strongest character now?

While physical strength is an important element here, it’s equally essential to consider other factors, such as the real definition of power and knowing how to use it. After all, it's pointless if someone harnesses the charge of a nuclear device but doesn’t want to fire up it because it might destroy their wardrobe or favorite attire.

Here are the strongest characters from The Boys.

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    Who He Is: A narcissistic and deranged Supe who leads The Seven. He has the powers of Superman and the mind of the Joker. He also likes milk a little bit too much.

    What He Does: Homelander has an envious range of powers. From super strength to the power of flight, heat vision, and near invincibility, he’s particularly dangerous if he’s enraged - which happens often.

    His Strongest Moment: The disembowelment of fellow Supe Black Noir - an act that pays tribute to the Injustice scene when Superman punches a hole through the Joker.

    His Weakest Moment: The beatdown he receives from Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie after the Herogasm party. Even so, he still survives.

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    Soldier Boy

    Who He Is: Homelander’s daddy and America’s first superhero. Under the surface, however, he is unscrupulous, self-serving, and possesses about as much heroism and patriotism as a cheese sandwich.

    What He Does: Soldier Boy possesses the same powers as Homelander and more, including the ability to create radiation. More important, he’s able to withstand the effects of this radioactive power.

    His Strongest Moment: His complete destruction of Crimson Countess’s trailer and frying her to a chargrilled skeleton. Shockingly, he walks away from the chaos without a hair out of place.

    His Weakest Moment: His failure to defeat his Payback members in the past, which results in him being handed over to the Russians to experiment on.

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    Who She Is: A Nazi and sadistic Supe, Stormfront takes Translucent’s place in The Seven and starts a twisted romance with Homelander.

    What She Does: Stormfront looks good for a 100-year-old woman, thanks to her regenerative abilities. She also has the full gamut of Supe powers, along with the ability to create electrical blasts that sizzle and electrify her targets. 

    Her Strongest Moment: The annihilation of a building and several of its occupants as she hunts down Kimiko’s brother, Kenji. When she catches up with him, Stormfront breaks Kenji’s wrists, then snaps his neck like a twig.

    Her Weakest Moment: Ryan frying her. Fair enough, he does have Homelander’s powers, so it isn’t like a toddler kicks her in the shins and she collapses.

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    Queen Maeve

    Who She Is: Maggie Shaw, AKA Queen Maeve, is one of the founding members of The Seven. She joins the superhero team to save lives, but becomes jaded by all the politics and nefariousness around her. Inside, though, she still wants to do the right thing and has a good heart.

    What She Does: Not only does Maeve look a lot like Wonder Woman, but she also holds a similar power set (and loves swords, too). Like other Supes, she's all about speed, strength, catlike reflexes, and near invincibility.

    Her Strongest Moment: As Soldier Boy is ready to detonate, she spears him out of the window and absorbs the full impact of his radioactive power - saving the city and The Boys from the explosion.

    Her Weakest Moment: Ironically, her strongest moment is also her weakest, as Maeve is left powerless after absorbing the full might of Soldier Boy’s radioactivity.

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    Victoria Neuman

    Who She Is: As an anti-Supe congresswoman, Victoria Neuman opposes everything Vought stands for. In reality, she is Stan Edger’s adopted daughter and a Supe herself, who infiltrates the government and acts in Vought’s interests.

    What She Does: There’s one frightening power Vic shows off in The Boys: head popping. She’s able to walk into a room and blow minds - in the worst kind of way.

    Her Strongest Moment: The congressional hearing where the splattered brains paint the walls.

    Her Weakest Moment: Unknowingly exposing herself as a Supe to Hughie after she destroys Tony in the alley.

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    Ryan Butcher

    Who He Is: The son of Homelander and Becca Butcher. Respecting Becca's final wish, Billy Butcher vows to look after the child, even if they aren’t related by blood.

    What He Does: It’s still early days in Ryan’s life to see how powerful he really is, but it’s clear he has the same threat level as Homelander. More important, there’s a hint of his father’s nefarious nature inside him, which spells trouble for everyone else.

    His Strongest Moment: Saving Homelander from Maeve, Butcher, and Soldier Boy. In the process, he sets his eye on Soldier Boy and burns him up to help his pops.

    His Weakest Moment: Not being able to fly when Homelander pushes him off the roof.

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