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The 18 Most Powerful Movie And TV Versions Of Dracula

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There have been a lot of versions of Dracula over the years. From TV to movies to comics to radio to stage, the vampire gets around. What we're interested in are the most powerful versions of Dracula to hit screens. He's basically a supervillain going up against normal human beings, so there are plenty of versions that certainly have a pretty high power level. That's kind of a basic point of fact for the character.

Though iconic versions of the character like the ones portrayed by Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee were unquestionably strong, more recent adaptations have turned up the power level a bit. Projects like Netflix's Castlevania and the 2014 film Dracula Untold make the character into a certified beast of a baddie. So get those voting fingers ready and be wary of spoilers because we're running through the most powerful movie and television versions of Dracula.

  • The first real test of Hugh Jackman's star power after breaking out as Wolverine was 2004's Van Helsing. We hear the Swordfish and Kate & Leopold fans out there, but Van Helsing had an astonishing budget of $170 million (in 2004, no less!), and Jackman was doing the heavy lifting in the advertising. Like other Universal monster films, this movie sort of mashes together all the iconic monsters from the golden age of cinema and throws them into one film under the leadership of Dracula.

    Richard Roxburgh's Dracula has the benefit of having each of the character's traditional powers in an action movie version of the role. The ending of the film even sees him turn into a poorly CGI'd demonic form that looked okay for the turn of the century, but clearly has not aged well.

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  • Here we have the icon. The progenitor. The OG. Chances are, when you think of Dracula, your mind conjures images of Bela Lugosi's version. It is so memorable; it influenced everything from Count Chocula to the Count on Sesame Street. Often imitated but never recreated, Lugosi's Dracula is the standard against which all new versions of the character are measured.

    He oozes elegance and creepiness in equal measures. And though the action of the 1931 original is limited to the standards of the time, this Dracula is no less dangerous with his hypnotizing powers and unquestionable strength. He's a slayer, through and through.

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  • Every time we watch Blade 3: Trinity, we always forget Dracula (or "Drake") is portrayed by Dominic Purcell, best known as the brother in Prison Break. Just a bit of a fun fact for you.

    Purcell's Dracula was "born perfect," at least according to Ryan Reynolds's character from the film. His weird, non-human form is pretty hideous with insect-like mandibles, and he is a powerful villain, to say the least. All that being said, this sword-fighting scene between him and Blade is still pretty dull - nothing can change that. 

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  • One of the first, and certainly the most memorable, adaptations of Bram Stoker's Dracula is the 1922 silent German film, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror. The character's name is changed to Count Orlok to get around copyright issues, but this is Count Dracula. He is not your sexy Dracula, he is not your fast Dracula - he is a horrific vampire that is hideous to look at.

    The film has become legendary over the past 100 years, and it caused a surge in popularity for the character and the novel it was based on. Don't go into Nosferatu expecting a lot of bombast (it's a silent film from 1922), but if you want to respect this history of the character, you should definitely start here.

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