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The 15 Strongest Waterbenders In The 'Avatar' Franchise, Ranked

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Let's be real for a second: waterbending is arguably the strongest bending style in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra and nobody is mad about it. With the ability to heal, phase shift the element between a solid, liquid, and a gas, and even control the fluids inside a living creature via bloodbending, waterbending has the potential to be the most dangerous powerset if it's put in the right (or wrong) hands. 

In the years since Aang saved the world from the impending threat of the Fire Nation, many waterbenders have achieved mastery of the art in hyper-specific fields. Are you a fan of Kya's unparalleled healing abilities, or are you more of a traditionalist that just wants to see Master Pakku utterly destroy some Fire Nation soldiers? This is a list of the strongest waterbenders in ATLA and Korra. Vote up who you think are the strongest waterbenders!

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    Born in the Southern Water Tribe, Avatar Korra is a proficient waterbender that tends to fall back on her other bending disciplines of fire and earthbending, usually due to a lack of water available. That being said, she is a master waterbender that was trained by Katara and adapted her teachings to the Republic City pro-bending style upon her relocation. She is capable of creating large walls of ice, powerful water whips and waves strong enough to push back and, when frozen, contain an enormous mecha suit standing over twenty-five stories tall. 

    Additonally, Korra is also an accomplished healer due to the tutelage of Katara.

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    Having been trained by her mother, Katara, Kya is a powerful waterbending master and is highly proficient in a number of advanced bending techniques. She is able to hold her own against incredibly powerful benders, such as Zaheer and Ming-Hua, thanks to her agility and resourcefulness, but her specialty lies in her mastery of healing. 

    After training under her mother, she further honed her abilities during her travels around the world, becoming a renowned healer in her own right. Her abilities allowed her to keep Jinora's energy circulating for almost a week despite the absence of her spirit when it was separated from her body and lost in the Spirit World. 

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    Pakku was a waterbending master and the top instructor in the Northern Water Tribe. A fraction of his power was displayed during his duel with Katara, culminating in her defeat after he immobilized her with a series of precisely targeted ice spikes. During 'The Siege of the North', Pakku, empowered by the full moon, held his own against dozens of soldiers with his enhanced waterbending, creating an extremely large water spout, giving him both the height and agility to take on any firebender that crossed his path. His skill, and the methods through which he trained his students, played a large part in helping Katara to become a waterbending master.

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    Yakone was a dangerous crime lord who plagued Republic City for years by utilizing his uniquely powerful psychic bloodbending abilities. He was able to keep his abilities secret for years before he hew was brought up on trial after being apprehended. Following the delivery of his verdict, he was able to bloodbend dozens of people in the council chambers without even making eye contact. He attempted to escape and was able to bloodbend Avatar Aang, nearly ending his life in the process before Aang entered the Avatar State and permanently took his bending away.

    Yakone later escaped to the Northern Water Tribe where he raised his sons Tarrlok and Noatak (AKA Amon) in the ways of psychic bloodbending, each of them vowing to get their revenge against the Avatar.

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