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The 20 Strongest Weapons in Naruto History, Ranked

October 21, 2020 12.1k votes 1.6k voters 89.5k views20 items

Naruto is best known for jutsu, moves that characters pull off using their own bodies. But while weapons aren't exactly the focal point, there are still some seriously amazing weapons scattered throughout the series. 

Many of the strongest Naruto weapons are swords wielded by the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, a group of powerful Kirigakure ninja. Some of these swords have unique abilities, like absorbing chakra or using iron to repair itself. One, Samehada, is even sentient. Another category of great weapons is Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths, with can't be used by anyone who doesn't have a huge amount of chakra. There's the Sword of Nunoboko, which is constructed from Tailed Beast Balls, and the Kote, which was created in a lab to minimize chakra usage in battle. 

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    Totsuka Blade

    The Totsuka Blade is the sword wielded by Itachi's Susano-o. In addition to being a powerful blade, this ethereal sword has several supernatural abilities. It can remove cursed seals, extract people's souls, and drag them into a sake jar where they'll live out a genjutsu hallucination called the 'world of drunken dreams' forever. 

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    Yata Mirror

    Itachi's Susano-o also possessed the Yata Mirror, a nearly impenetrable shield. It has the properties of every nature transformation, allowing it to negate any type of attack that's thrown its way. 

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    Sword of Nunoboko

    This holy relic was created from a Truth Seeking Ball, and was originally wielded by Hagoromo to literally shape the world itself. Obito Uchiha wields it, but in his hands it isn't quite strong enough to stand up to Sasuke's Susano-o. 

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    Gunbai Uchiwa

    Originally, the Gunbai Uchiwa was Madara's signature weapon, but Obito Uchiha started using it while he was disguising himself as Madara. It could block incoming chakra, convert it to Wind Release, and then reflect that energy back at an opponent. 

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