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The 15 Strongest Anime Characters With Wind Abilities

April 22, 2021 1.5k votes 276 voters 7.2k views15 items

If you've ever witnessed a hurricane or a tornado, you know just how powerful wind can be. If you're an anime fan, you know that anything that's powerful in the real world will be used by heroes and villains in amped-up ways. Wind users may not be as common as Fire users or Electricity users, but the ones that do exist are worth paying attention to.

For this list, we're giving some love to the strongest anime wind users out there. Whether they're well-known characters like Naruto and Temari from Naruto or lesser-known figures like Kazuma Yagami from Kaze no Stigma and Vento of the Front from A Certain Magical Index, these storm masters are beasts on the battlefield. Vote up the ones whose power impresses you most!

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    Inasa Yoarashi - My Hero Academia

     Inasa Yoarashi is one of the few heroes-in-training that we get to meet from Shiketsu High School. His quirk, Whirlwind, lets him generate and control robust gusts of wind. He can use these gales and whirlwinds to deal direct damage, or to transport himself, other people, or objects. If he's working with someone like Shoto who has another elemental ability, he can even create fire tornados and ice tornadoes. 

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    Kazuma Yagami - Kaze no Stigma

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    After forming a contract with the Spirit King of the Wind, Kazuma Yagami gained formidable wind-based powers. His command on these powers is so great that he once destroyed a whole army by himself. He can create blades, tornadoes and barriers, use the wind to fly or turn invisible, and even use it to read people's minds. He can also call on the Spirit King for a serious power boost. 

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    Dragon - One Piece

    If Dragon weren't an indisputable BAMF, we might hesitate to put him on this list, because his wind powers are implied rather than confirmed. But the powerful blasts to wind that appear during crucial moments do seem like they could be coming from him. Even if they're not, his reputation as the "world's worst criminal" and his status as Luffy's dad makes him impossible to ignore. 

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    Kagura is both Naraku's second incarnation and the person who hates him the most. Whether she's fighting for him or against him, she's a beast when it comes to the wind. She can control the wind to the extent that she can easily deflect any long-range or airborne attacks, and she can also use the wind as an offensive weapon. Like Temari from Naruto, she uses a fan to enhance her abilities. She also travels on a miniature cyclone. 

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