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The 15 Strongest Anime Characters With Wind Abilities

April 22, 2021 1.3k votes 242 voters 6.2k views15 items

If you've ever witnessed a hurricane or a tornado, you know just how powerful wind can be. If you're an anime fan, you know that anything that's powerful in the real world will be used by heroes and villains in amped-up ways. Wind users may not be as common as Fire users or Electricity users, but the ones that do exist are worth paying attention to.

For this list, we're giving some love to the strongest anime wind users out there. Whether they're well-known characters like Naruto and Temari from Naruto or lesser-known figures like Kazuma Yagami from Kaze no Stigma and Vento of the Front from A Certain Magical Index, these storm masters are beasts on the battlefield. Vote up the ones whose power impresses you most!

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    Yuno - Black Clover

    Before Yuno gets his grimoire, he's already pretty good at the whole Wind Magic thing. Getting a grimoire dramatically enhances his skills. He typically uses it to create high-speed tornadoes that can easily annihilate his targets. He can also uses it to fly, or to transport others. Many of his moves are assisted by a wind spirit called Sylph.

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  • Hailing from Sungakure, Temari is the sister of the Kazekage and the wife of the Hokage's closest advisor. She's also a badass shinobi in her own right, and that's largely because of her wind-based ninjutsu. By channelling wind chakra into a giant iron fan, she creates fierce whirlwinds and blades. She sometimes fights in tandem with a summoning animal named Kamatari, who can boost her wind moves wiht his own. Her moves are strong enough to damage the Ten-Tails, which may be why she's recognized as the strongest wind user in Suna, and maybe even the whole Naruto world. 

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    Inasa Yoarashi - My Hero Academia

     Inasa Yoarashi is one of the few heroes-in-training that we get to meet from Shiketsu High School. His quirk, Whirlwind, lets him generate and control robust gusts of wind. He can use these gales and whirlwinds to deal direct damage, or to transport himself, other people, or objects. If he's working with someone like Shoto who has another elemental ability, he can even create fire tornados and ice tornadoes. 

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  • When most people think about Naruto Uzumaki, wind-based powers aren't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. That's fair - many of his signature moves have nothing to do with wind. But his natural chakra affinity is wind, and he uses it with exceptional skill. Some of the moves he feeds his wind chakra into include Wind Release: Rasengan and Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. That last one is especially terrifying, since it can not only slice up targets, it can also permanently destroy their ability to use chakra - that is, assuming they're lucky enough to survive at all.

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