15 College Professors Share Their Weirdest Student Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Dealing with college professors can be tough, but teaching a group of young adults can be even more challenging! These professors are sharing their strangest college student stories so you can learn what not to do in college.

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    They Didn't Understand Basic Math

    From Redditor u/KingofSheepX:

    I once spent an hour explaining to college junior that an even number is divisible by 2.

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    They Wanted Other People To Fix Their Essays

    From Redditor u/hananobira:

    I worked at my university writing center and saw a lot of really terrible writing. SO MANY poorly written essays. I really don’t know how you can graduate from high school without at least being able to perform simple tasks like “Point to your thesis statement.”

    The whole point of a writing center was to teach students to correct their own work, but there was a direct correlation between how awful a paper was and how likely the student was to throw it at you and say, “I’m going to go have lunch. Will you have it fixed in an hour?” then try to leave.

    The tutors all got really good at an authoritative, “Stop right there! Sit down. Now let’s talk about how YOU are going to improve YOUR paper.”

    The most frustrating papers were the science majors. I could never tell if the paper was terrible or I just wasn’t following the details of their experiment on chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons or whatever.

    The absolute worst was the ENGLISH MASTER'S DEGREE STUDENT who came in several times with absolute gibberish. To be fair, English was his second language but... are you absolutely sure you do not want to consider a career change, my good sir?

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    They Used Emojis In A Term Paper

    From Redditor u/Art--Vandelay--:

    I had a student include numerous emojis in a term paper.

    A different student came to my office a week after the final and asked me why she had failed the course. She hadn’t turned in a single assignment or written the final.

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    They Blamed Their Terrible Essay On The Professor

    From Redditor u/Necessary-Meringue-1:

    Student handed in a one-page essay of complete gibberish. Like, utter "stream-of-consciousness of a gerbil on hard substances" kind of garbage.

    After receiving an F on this assignment, this muffin had the audacity to come to my office... and demand that I explain this grade to them. After I walked them through their river of word-garbage, they tried to tell me that I just didn't understand their writing because I am not an English native speaker.

    First time I almost kicked somebody out of my office.

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    A Master's Student Couldn't Convert Seconds To Minutes

    From Redditor u/silybira:

    Not a teacher, but a friend of mine is. They told me that a master's student didn't know how to convert from seconds to minutes.

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    She Wrote A Paper Siding With The Salem Witch Trial Accusers

    From Redditor u/tamelycliches:

    I teach at a community college that doesn't actually require a high school diploma to attend, so I've seen a lot. Mostly it's native English speakers who are virtually illiterate. No abstract or critical thinking skills at all.

    One wrote a paper about the causes of the Salem witch trials. She sided with the accusers because she'd "seen some stuff," clearly not understanding the assignment.

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