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Students Who Had Romantic Relationships With Their Teachers Explain Exactly What Happened

Relationships between students and teachers seem to pop up in the news every couple of months. Many of those unsettling unions, however, go unreported, completely avoiding detection or scrutiny. Not all of the instances are as inappropriate as one might assume, though.

Some adults seek out their former teachers after graduating; others spend time with professors or TAs during college. Reddit gives those students an opportunity to share their experiences, and some explanations will certainly make you question what's proper.

  • A Relationship Started When She Babysat The Teacher's Kid

    From Redditor /u/rachhreturns:

    After graduation, I hooked up with my old history teacher (a few times). I frequently would watch his daughter when he had to work late. I was invited to go camping with the two of them. "Let's have a drink to celebrate the beginning of summer!" changed quickly.

    I ended it very abruptly when his daughter started calling me mom.

  • An English Teacher Taught Her Student About More Than Just Language

    From Redditor /u/Po_Tato47:

    When I was 17 I got the chance to go to school in the states (born in Greenland) and so I had a senior year here. The English teacher had just gotten the job there according to the other kids my age. But what happened was I needed help just speaking and learning English better, so she said she'd help me out. I'd come in after school and we'd do the flash card BS and eventually she started asking me "what I thought about American girls" and if I prefer blondes, brunettes, etc. Questions slowly got more personal until she gave me her phone number, told me to call her at 8 and she'll have plans. I was confused as hell, but when i got to her house my other head took over the thinking.

  • A Student's Class Participation Really Intrigued The TA

    From Redditor /u/8ten87:

    Not a teacher but a teacher's assistant. I was a junior in college and she was in her first year of grad school, doubling as a TA. So basically larger classes were always split into smaller "sections" that had to meet once a week outside of the normal class period. Anyways I was always pulling solid grades, sat in the front, and would respond to her questions. I later found out that she hated public speaking and was always nervous when she stood in front of our sections so she really appreciated my participation, plus I was always making jokes and she liked "the funny ones."

    I go to her office hours one day, she helps me out with the paper I was doing and we go eat afterwards. We talked mostly about school and career goals, but also some stuff about the difficulties of dating. And then we go get drinks. And then she was getting way flirty and touching my arms and legs. I end up walking her to her apartment building, she tells me to come up and have a nightcap with her. Halfway through she asks if I'm ever gonna make a move. I put down my drink, leaned over and kissed her. We... kept it up for the rest of the school year. And yes I got an A in the class.

  • The Professor Invited Her Student Home

    From Redditor /u/Happy_Vincent:

    In grad school I was an research assistant for a professor in her late 30s. Brilliant woman. Gorgeous redhead. Lots of... tension, you could tell there was mutual attraction.

    Our relationship gradually veered into the personal - we would get lunch, drinks together, talk about personal things. Deep sh*t like the purpose of life.

    Her husband (also a professor) was away for the week on conference. We had a meeting to discuss a project of mine, she rescheduled to her home. I had an idea what might be up.

    I arrived to a cliche: she opened the door in a robe, naked underneath, dropped the robe once we got inside, she looked me in the eyes and asked me if I wanted to go to bed with her.

    We had a... relationship for the two years until I graduated. I graduated and haven't seen her since. My career took me away.