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Things Only People Who Went Through An Emo Phase Will Understand

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Side bangs dyed jet black. Skinny jeans so tight you couldn't fully bend your knees. Fingerless gloves that went half way up your arms, covered in black and white stripes. Eye liner so heavy that it made you look like a sad raccoon. Studded belts. Converse shoes. An affinity for My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. If you were thinking, "huh... those things bring back some memories..." then chances are you went through a massive emo phase when you were a teenager.

There's a lot of stuff that only true emo kids understand, like are Converse shoes really Converse shoes if you haven't drawn all over the toes? Check out this list of things that you'll only get if you had an emo phase, and vote up the ones that really speak to that part of your soul that's still dark as f*ck.