Ordinary Things That Look Like Jesus

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Everyday objects (not actual pictures) that look like Jesus. Vote up the images that actually look like Jesus.

Jesus: he's all around us. When he's not turning water into wine, or knocking over tables at his local church community center, he's popping by to say hi to some of his most loyal followers. But instead of ghostly apparitions, Jesus chooses a much more convenient method: he puts his face on everyday household things. This way, the people who he visits can sell his likeness on eBay for upwards of $200 per potato chip, bread mold, coffee stain, etc.  

Check out this list of people who believe they saw Jesus in a random object and documented it for all the world to see. Whether you think it's out-there, believable, or a mixture of both, there's no doubt that some of these things look just a bit like the Big Guy. Some are a bit of a stretch, but maybe that's because you're not believing hard enough.   

Vote up the best images of Jesus that make you feel #blessed.