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21 Times Dungeon Masters Were Caught Off Guard By Their Players

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Every now and then at the D&D table players will manage to come up with something so outlandish and unpredictable that it'll knock the socks off of not only their party members but their illustrious dungeon master. Stunned silence, followed by panic, flop sweat, improvisation, and hopefully something that satisfies the overarching narrative will come about and usually uproarious laughter and disbelief that creativity and ingenuity overcame every obstacle of the day. 

Whether it's literally eating a fistful of mud, remembering you have a spell that everyone else seems to have forgotten is in your toolkit, or even asking a seemingly simple question that comes out of left field, these players have managed to catch their dungeon masters off guard and make some lasting memories for their table. 

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    Just Squirrel Them Away

    From Redditor /u/El_Braun:

    2 players got petrified by gorgons Cleric can't help yet because he doesn't have 5th lvl spell slots "can they feel, breathe or need to drink/eat?" "roll for arcana" 18 "they don't, but if they suffer damage, their bodies will crumble to dust and you won't be able to bring them back" "cool, let's bury them so they're safe until we come back"

    The party was in shock for 30s (which is a lot when staring at people), clapped and proceeded with the plan.

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    Everybody Loves Puppets!

    From Redditor /u/BaumAlarm:

    So I was running Curse of Strahd and my players have just broken into the Wachters House trying to get the time of Strahd when our lizardfolk bard gets spotted by Fiona Wachter. He then proceeds to pull out a puppet of Strahd and said he was a travelling entertainer while talking to this puppet. I did not know how to react to this.

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    Fireball Is Always The Answer

    From Redditor /u/CowardlyHero:

    We're playing at Adventurer's League. The party had set up camp for the night, during the night the two members on watch spot a herd of reindeer nearby. One player wants to shoot one of them for breakfast but another player warned him of doing that as our DM liked to be difficult (in a good way) because our group was mostly DMs for our own games so we had a tendency of upsetting all his plans. He guessed that the DM would probably make the herd stampede through the sleeping camp. A discussion ensued which turned into an argument until...

    "I cast fireball."

    Total silence fell across the table as we all turned to the ten year old lad at our table. It lasted about a minute before the laughter came, one damage roll later and we had an entire herd of blackened reindeer.

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    Chaos Rocks

    From Redditor /u/obscene_Onion:

    One of my players was born of wild magic (homebrew, based on my plot) so whenever he gets super emotional or has to but a lot of effort into something I roll on a minor wild magic table I've made (like the wild magic table but with more low key effects) and one of the effects was that a random trinket drops into his pocket. it was just a little rock. nothing special about it. MY PARTY PROCEEDED TO ALMOST KILL EACH OTHER OVER THIS ROCK THINKING IT MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL. It started with bartering like I'll give you 4 silver, well I'll give you 2 healing potions WELL I'LL HIT HIM WITH MY WARHAMMER. until someone asked to make a check to see what powers the rock had. IT WAS JUST A ROCK.

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