Total Nerd Stunt Performers Share Their Behind-The-Scenes Secrets  

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As wild as the stunts you see in TV and film may look, the behind-the-scenes stories from professional stunt performers can often put them to shame. As professional daredevils, stunt performers put their bodies through all sorts of abuse, stress, and general wear-and-tear so that the next Fast & Furious looks nothing short of authentic. Their dedication to this dangerous craft is what makes mind-blowing film stunts possible in the first place.

A few pro-stunt performers took to Reddit to share all the things you never knew about professional stunt work. These performers—Rustic Bodomov, Laura Dash, and Nick Mckinless—do all the stunts so big-budget stars don't have to. Their credits include projects ranging from Panic! at the Disco videos to Game of Thrones to Jurassic Park, but their resumes pale in comparison to their stories of what stunt work is really like. Only a few actors perform their own stunts for a reason: it's not for the faint of heart or anyone who has a bankable face they don't want to mess up.


He Has Been Injured Nearly 100 Times

From Redditor /u/ NickMckinless:

I have had full paralysis down my left side from a fall onto rocks (found out about 2 weeks later when I couldn't click the fingers on my left hand!).

On Troy I was burned quite badly and hospitalised for 5 days then got a severe chest infection from such a worn out immune system which lasted for 4 months.

I could list probably 100 back is a mess, hips, feet, ankles, wrists...multiple concussions, whiplash on a consistent basis when doing wire goes on...

The job isn't for the faint hearted!

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Robert Downey Jr. Punched Him In The Face

From Redditor /u/ NickMckinless:

[About teaching actors to pull punches] We teach them right and they do the best they can under extreme pressure. They are not trained like us and yes, we do get hit. On Sherlock Holmes though the idea was to HIT full bore time and time again to get the opening sequence. RDJ is a trained Martial Artist and he really CAN HIT HARD!!!

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She Almost Lost Her Eye

From Redditor /u/ LauraDash:

I worked on Halloween 4. In the the scene, Michael Myers is up on the roof, and Rachel is lowering Jamie (Danielle Harris)'s character off of it. At some point as the Rachel lowers Jamie, she drops the rope - it's supposed to be a rope - and I'm actually on a cable. The FX people are supposed to cut the cable and I fall like three feet and the sister falls off the roof (a high fall).

When I was dropped, they cut the cable. When they cut it, the cable snapped and hit me in the face. And I had this whip-mark on my face, almost like if you got hit with a rock in the face. It came really, really close to my eye, but I'm very, very lucky I didn't lose my eye.

It was very painful, and everyone was like "OMG! We're sorry, that wasn't supposed to happen!"

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She Broke Her Back Filming 'Baseketball'

From Redditor /u/ LauraDash:

I worked on a movie called Basketball, it was the guys that did South Park, and the story are these guys are idols, and they have like a Make A Wish part in the story where they grant these kids a wish. So there's a simple scene where they grant this little kid his wish list to hangout with the Baseketball team, and they take him every place, and they take him at the end of the evening to this bar. So there's drinking, and the little boy gets onto the shoulders of Trey Parker, and he forgets that the kid is on his back as he goes out the doorway. So the gag is I'm supposed to hit my head on top of the door jam, and I'm supposed to fall back on a pad. And there was a stuntman doubling for Trey Parker so I was on the stuntman's shoulders, and there was supposed to be safety people outside the door, and when I hit my head, the stunt coordinator - the pad was supposed to be - it's a called a "Follow Pad" (well that's what he calls it), it's supposed to follow me wherever I land and then I land on the pad. And before we set up the shot and rehearsed it, I had asked the stunt coordinator "Does this pad fit in between the doorway" because sometimes you have to adjust it if it's too wide and he said "no, it fits perfectly." So we never actually rehearsed me falling. And there was no person outside the doorway with another pad or just in case. And the coordinator was like "i'm going to be there, follow you wherever you land" and I couldn't react to looking back or doing anything or moving to the side, it was just a straight back fall, kind of like in Jurassic Park, just straight back. And I ended up falling 3 feet outside the door, which then was a parking lot. And when he was realized I was going further out, the pad got stuck between the metal plates, so as he pushed it, it kind of stopped, so by that time i was down on the ground, I had asked him (the stunt coordinator) if I needed a gatorback (which is what motorcycle riders use to protect their backs) but i had a t-shirt on, so if I had worn one you would have seen the ripples. I had a little swimmers vest underneath, but the coordinator said "You don't need that, i will catch you." I still had it, but i fell on my back on the concrete...and I could move, but I was in excruciating pain, so they rushed me to the hospital, and I ended up breaking my L2. Broke my back.

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