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Weird Marriage Laws You May Be Breaking Without Knowing

Updated September 23, 2021 71.5k votes 12.5k voters 1.0m views26 items

Strange marriage laws are on the books all over the world, and in every state in the US. While some of these funny laws about marriage are arcane relics leftover from centuries ago (such as the requirement that men in a small Cape Cod town kill six blackbirds before marrying), and others quirks of history or circumstance, others are incredibly restrictive, dangerous, and harmful to women.

As with the odd and silly laws controlling marriage in many countries, so too are there strange divorce laws. Some states let you divorce at the drop of a hat, while others make it quite difficult. There are countries where blame MUST be assigned - and some where divorce is simply illegal. There are also laws about what married people can do, even if they're legally wed.

Here are some of the most unusual laws about marriage and divorce in the world. See how many you might be breaking!