50 Stupid Signs Made to Protect Idiots from Themselves

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Signs are everywhere. Without them we wouldn't know where to go, what to eat, how to park, or what to avoid. Most signs, especially the ones on the road, are necessary for the safety of others. Stop signs protect us from crashing into each other, while road signs let us know how fast we can drive. Funny signs, however, can be few and far between. Wacky signs make you stop and wonder why and if they were even necessary.

Has someone been feeding children to crocodiles? Do enough people drink out of this toilet to warrant a sign? The unfortunate answer in most of these cases is "yes!" A lot of the time the reason there is a sign about something is because if it wasn't there, people would do it. This doesn't mean that these crazy signs aren't still hilarious. Check out these examples and ask yourself: Why is this dumb sign needed?

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    No Drowning Allowed


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    Human Ironing Board



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    Sadly Necessary


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    Zipper Trouble


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    How Mermaids Are Made


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    Treat Them Like Humans


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