culture 10 Stupid Reasons Students Were Arrested  

Mick Jacobs

When a student goes to school, they already have so much to worry about: fitting in, turning in their homework, food poisoning from the cafeteria, getting picked last in gym class. The last thing any student should ever worry about is getting arrested, but as this video shows, it happens all too frequently for the worst reasons. 

Only for the most heinous or disruptive activities does any school student deserve to be put in handcuffs, and even then an officer needs to use discretion when doing so.

But to some law enforcement officials, playing tag, texting in class, and/or stealing a carton of milk all constitute reasons for a student's arrest. It's no surprise many officers abuse their power, but it looks especially deplorable when used against a minor who cannot defend themselves.

When you detain a student simply for creating a functioning clock, someone should probably launch an investigation into your credentials. By watching this video, you'll see firsthand how cuff-happy some officers are to arrest defenseless students..