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Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines Guys Think Will Really Work

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Tinder is a minefield, and stupid Tinder pickup lines, unfortunately, come as part of the package. Much like your hometown's dive-bar where you run into old classmates, you never quite know who you may come across or how awkward they will be. For the women of the world, this becomes extra complicated because they have to deal with guys and their terrible pickup lines.

Thankfully, many end up becoming funny stories to screen-cap for later. The Tinder users in this list all thought so, making light of awful pickup lines that would require some serious luck to even get someone to unlock their phone. Maybe you've tried some of these lines before, in which case, perhaps consider rethinking your Tinder game.

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    Am I Speaking To Jeffrey Dahmer?

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    Red Flags

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    I'm Vegan

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    That Doesn't Even Rhyme

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