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The Stupidest Makeup Challenges On YouTube

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For every one amazing YouTube makeup tutorial from one of the best beauty vloggers, there are roughly ten dumb YouTube beauty challenges. Girls slather on hundreds of layers of foundation, highlight every facet of their bodies, and put things that are not made to be on any part of the body directly on their faces.

While some of these challenges are fun in a morbid curiosity sort of way, they’re also massive wastes of money and show everyone that you have a LOT of time on your hands. Some of these stupid internet makeup challenges can be potentially harmful and cause skin irritations. Other challenges can be downright dangerous and cause permanent damage.

So, decide for yourself which one of this potentially harmful makeup challenges makes you cringe the most, and then debate whether or not you have a better way of doing it. 

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    Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

    Video: YouTube

    Kylie Jenner’s plastic pout is probably more famous than her sister Khloe at this point. In this challenge, people stuck their lips into shot glasses or water bottles and sucked out all the air. This suction, would in effect, “plump” up the lips, engorging them with blood. However, when this challenge blew up in 2015, a lot of people got hurt. It can cause bruising and broken blood vessels around the lips. Dendy Engelman, a dermatologic surgeon, said that it can even cause “permanent disfigurement.”

    Yet, there are still products on the market that specifically use this suction “technique” to provide temporary plumpness. So, use caution when looking for “natural” lip plumpers.

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    Face Full Of Food Makeup Challenge

    Video: YouTube

    Makeup artist Raychel Newton came up with the #FaceFullofFoodChallenge.  A more apt hashtag for this challenge would probably be #FaceFullofZits.  Some of the stuff she used is alright to go on skin, like raw beets. But this girl contoured with a Snickers bar! She also used butter as a primer, because putting loads of cream and oil on your skin seems like a great adhesive for your foundation.

    Ladies, if you’re resorting to your fridge for makeup, you’ve got bigger problems in your life. Obviously, this is just a joke, but all those oils can’t be good for your breakouts. Also, what a waste of a candy bar. Hopefully, she got to eat it afterwards.

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    'Don't Judge' Makeup Challenge

    Video: YouTube

    This makeup challenge is stupid because it's basically bullying wrapped up in a super judgemental video. While this challenge masquerades itself as a display that "includes everyone" and highlights “realness,” it’s all a façade. Really, it’s just pretty girls who seem to be pore-less and wrinkle-less drawing on some zits and stating, “Oh, I’ll never be ugly … but it’s fun to pretend and make fun of people who are actually do struggle with societal standards of beauty!"

    If a friend suggests doing this makeup challenge, please don't. Stick to the #BeautyInAll challenge instead.

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    100 Layers Of Foundation, Nail Polish, Or Any Other Beauty Product Challenge

    Video: YouTube

    There were tons of “100 layer” beauty challenges. There were 100 layers of lipstick, mascara, nail polish, and foundation, just to name a few. And then there was the 100 upon 100 layers challenge when makeup artist Jenna Marbles did all of these 100-layer challenges at the same time. Not only is layering a product 100 times a huge waste of money, it’s also not great for your skin. How is your skin supposed to breathe through 100 layers of foundation? How do you take off 100 layers of nail polish without totally ripping off your nail? It may be a crazy challenge, but it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.

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