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People Are Sharing Stories Of The Most Misguided People They Ever Met And It Is Terrifying

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In a recent subreddit, the late, great George Carlin was quoted: "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." From there, people offered their own experiences with folks who were slightly misguided in their thought process. Here are a few interesting examples that might make you weep for humanity. 

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    Explaining How Mirrors Work

    Posted by Redditor /u/ThatVoiceDude:

    Customers arguing that their tattoo is backwards while their artist tries to explain that no, your tattoo is fine, it just looks backwards because that's how mirrors work.

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      'Wild Animals Need To Be In Cages'

      Posted by Redditor /u/FlyADesk:

      I used to work in Banff National Park. One day at the end of the tour I was driving some guests back to their hotel and a woman was adamant that Banff was clearly a very dangerous place to visit since we, "Just let wild animals run around everywhere! They should be in cages!"

      Had to fight the urge to throw her off the bus pretty hard.

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        'None Of It Is Real'

        Posted by Redditor /u/Mtbul:

        When I was in high school, we were reading a short story about what would have happened if the Japanese attacked us back with nuclear weapons after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A girl in my class raised her hand and said something along the lines of, “Why does this matter? None of it is real any way.” The teacher had to ask her to clarify, but this girl thought WWII and the bombing of Japan were just from a movie and didn’t actually happen.

        The best part is: the girl was half Japanese

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          Bad Medicine

          Posted by Redditor /u/withlovesparrow:

          When my daughter was born, we had to see the hospital pediatrician before we could switch to our usual one. We're in a tiny exam room and he's going over the dos and don'ts for new parents. To precede this, he's an older southern man.

          "And I assume she will be sleeping in a crib in the nursery?"

          "We have a bassinet set up beside the bed to make night feeding easier."

          "She can't sleep with you!"

          "She won't be in the bed, she has a bassinet beside the bed."

          "If she sleeps in the same room, there will be too much carbon dioxide and she'll suffocate. That's what causes SIDS."

          "... Then isn't this exam room unsafe?"

          We put in a complaint with the practice and the hospital. That's some ridiculously incorrect information to be spouting off at people, especially parents who take everything a doctor says as gospel. I can't even find the logic in that.

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