NFL Uniforms So Sharp You’re Tempted To Root For The Teams No Matter Where You’re From

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Football fans root for a particular team based on all kinds of criteria - hometown pride, longtime loyalty, underdog status, winning record, a superbly talented or likable player or players, or an awesome coach. Go team! But for some who want to be in on football fandom without any knowledge of the game, it's all about the fashion. These style experts don't know the rules, but they know who has the most attractive uniform colors. Go jerseys!

According to a 2022 fan survey, color (70%) and design (20%) of the uniform are the two most important factors in determining whether fans like or dislike the uniform. Logos (4%) and helmets (3%) are much less important. Fashion is of course subjective, and this list of the most stylish NFL uniforms might be completely different from yours. But surely, if you're a fashionista, you must agree from a pure style standpoint that some uniforms are more chic than others.

  • Color: In 2020 the Los Angeles Chargers unveiled new uniforms - in six different styles - when the team moved to a new home stadium. Powder blue and sunshine gold are the colors, but what really sticks out are the lightning bolts. Tight pants plus lightning bolts usually equals a goofy superhero costume, but the Chargers' bolts and bottoms avoid this unfortunate look with eye-catching strategic placement of the charges on shoulders and along the leg. Nothing wrong with “thunder thighs,” but "lightning thighs" should be a thing, too. 

    Logo/Helmet: According to a team official, the lightning bolt symbolizes “speed, power, [and] constant forward motion.” Whatever; it also just looks electric, charged-up, and spiky.

    Possible Fashion Label Collaboration: Swatch. The lightning bolt as a clothing element works only on the football field and in comic books, but jewelry is another story. Consider this "Lighting Flash" watch.

  • Color: Tiger stripes are a recurring motif in the fashion world that never go out of style, so the Cincinnati Bengals' orange and black, top-to-toe tiger-patterned uniforms make the team members not only "Kings of the Jungle," but also Kings of the Locker Room. Animal patterns on clothing not done right can look a little silly, or something you'd see on a toddler's bath towel with a cute pair of pointy ears to match, but the Bengals' bands put the “grr” in tiger. The sleek stripes are featured as well-placed accents (thighs, shoulders, head) rather than as an overall pattern.

    Logo/Helmet: In 1997 the Bengals changed their logo from an illustration of a roaring orange-and-black tiger to a capital letter B with black stripes running through it - sleek. The tiger-striped helmet is the key to the uniform, with lifelike fur markings that leave no doubt which team is on the field. 

    Possible Fashion Label Collaboration: Kate Spade. Yes, check out these tiger-striped jogger pants.

  • Color: All the top sports teams in Pittsburgh (Steelers, Pirates, Penguins) wear black and gold/yellow. It's a historical thing: The city's flag and seal are black and gold, based on the family coat-of-arms for namesake William Pitt. Pitt was a well-respected British statesman who was nice to colonists, and based on portraits, was a snappy dresser himself, going all out with velvet and ruffles, although not in black and gold.

    Logo/Helmet: The Steelers' logo is historical, too. Based on the logo for the American Iron and Steel Institute, it consists of a circle around three four-pointed geometric shapes - hypocycloids - in yellow, red, and blue. The colors represent the three materials used to make steel: coal (yellow), iron ore (red), and steel scrap (blue). The Steelers' helmet is the only one in the NFL with the team's logo on just one side. All this history, symbolism, and hypocycloididity boost the heft of the black and gold scheme, which is already a strong sartorial match. 

    Possible Fashion Label Collaboration: Schiaparelli; consider this bespoke Met Gala gown for Carey Mulligan. Not much history or hypocycloids there, but Pitt would probably approve. Sparkles, Steelers? 

  • Color: The Atlanta Falcons unveiled new uniforms in 2020, with six different styles that incorporate the team colors of black, red, and silver - meant to represent two Georgia universities (George Tech and the University of Georgia). Red always rocks, and paired here with black, gives the players a shiny, cleaned-up Deadpool aura. Plus, the jersey's letters are font-astic. If a falcon could write with its claws, it would surely create letters just like the “ATL” on the jersey; even the numbers have a talon-like design. 

    Logo/Helmet: A casual glance at the Falcons' logo suggests a graphic rendering of a falcon. But look closer: The capital letter “F” is hidden in plain sight. Designer magic! The black helmet with falcon logos on either side has a futuristic, space-age vibe that suggests a fighter pilot in an action-packed film. Or Darth Vader if he had a fashionable period.

    Possible Designer Collaboration: Tommy Hilfiger shirts.

  • Miami Dolphins
    Photo: Logan Bowles/NFL /

    Color: The Miami Dolphins' uniforms will make you wish you were lying on a beach with a tropical drink in hand, or lounging anywhere other than a cold, hard stadium bleacher seat with an overpriced beer in hand. Miami is the only NFL team to have aqua (or “blue lagoon”) as an official color, supposedly chosen to represent the Atlantic Ocean. The other main color, orange, is a nod to Miami's sunny climate. Despite the sunny, casual, vacation-friendly colors, the uniform would also work as a dapper Easter outfit.

    Logo/Helmet: The logo features a spritely dolphin leaping through a blazing sun, which also resembles a fire hoop used by a circus performer. When the logo was updated in 2018, the pale orange sun became reddish-orange to suggest more passion and energy. No wimpy suns here. In 2022 the Dolphins redesigned their helmet so the dolphin no longer wears a teeny-tiny helmet. Dolphins look a little dorky wearing helmets, so this was a snazzy update.

    Possible Fashion Label Collaboration: Prada, like this beachy men's short-sleeve shirt for $1,420.

  • New Orleans Saints
    Photo: Logan Bowles/NFL /

    Color: The New Orleans Saints' simple but stately black and gold uniforms are downright classy and attractive, with a color combination hinting at “the unknown, power… formality… and extravagance.” You'd take one of these boys to your prom, in a limo.

    Logo/Helmet: The Saints' logo is a fleur-de-lis, which translates to “flower of the lily,” hardly a phrase you'd associate with football, but as an ancient symbol associated with French loyalty, is traditional, elegant, and distinguished, just like French fashion. 

    Possible Fashion Label Collaboration: Chanel handbags.