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12 Examples Of Subliminal Advertising and Hidden Messages Messing With Your Head

Updated 11 Dec 2017 13.7k views12 items

Consumer culture drives and directs global society. Annual holidays revolve around it, children are reared on the dogma of corporate product, those in developing nations spend disposable income on products made by those in developing nations. Jobs disappear from wealthy nations only to reappear in poor ones, so those who own companies can drive down cost and increase profit. The desire of the consumer changes the make up of society, not always for the better, as conscious consumerism is an unwelcome value. And coded messages in advertisements keep dutiful, unwoke consumers coming back to the trough for more slop every time a fresh batch is whipped up. 

Popular brands use subliminal advertising to ensure consumer loyalty, hopefully across multiple generations. What better way is there to celebrate Christmas, for instance, than to share a coke with someone you love? Wait, does Coke have anything to do with Jesus? Why would you drink cold soda when it's freezing outside? What are those polar bears doing? Are they going to eat Santa? This is a trick of association, not mind-control, but real examples of subliminal advertising are more prevalent than you might think. 

Of course, being a slave to corporations and banks isn't as nefarious as it sounds, but that doesn't mean capitalist subliminal messages embedded in public spaces aren't ethically questionable. There aren't laws against ads with hidden messages, so it's perfectly acceptable for advertising executives to put subliminal advertising in action. You've probably fallen for these coded messages without even realizing it.

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