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Which Drug Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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We all have our vices. For some of us, this means binge-watching way too much TV; for others, it can mean a weekend drug habit. No matter what your stance is on the recreational use of substances, wouldn't it be interesting to find out which drug you are according to your sign? Drugs have their own personalities - they can be uppers, downers, or revelation-inducing - just like the signs of the zodiac. 

Our charts can tell us everything from what Disney princess we are to which horror movie villain we are most like. Knowing the drugs for each zodiac sign doesn't mean you should run out and grab your sign's illicit substance, but it can give you a bit of insight as to what you can become addicted and how to avoid it.

  • Photo: tanj / flickr / CC BY 2.0

    Leo - MDMA

    Leos have a reputation for being the charismatic life of the party. This Fire sign thrives in social situations and absolutely adores being the center of attention. And that's why they are like MDMA. Rolling on forms of MDMA, such as ecstasy or molly, gives users a euphoric rush that makes them think everyone is their best friend. Users probably feel like their most magnetic, charming selves on MDMA, much like how a Leo feels in many party and social situations. 

  • Virgo - Ritalin

    Virgos love to focus on something and dedicate all their time to it. They're a very giving sign with a laser-like ability to hone in on one task or person and make it their focal point. That's why they’re like ritalin – a drug commonly used by college students to force themselves to focus on their overdue paper. 

  • Libra - Shrooms

    Libras are cool as hell, creative types who absolutely love new experiences and the chance to jump into an adventure. They are also a sign that appreciates balance and craves connection with others. That's why Libras are like shrooms, AKA magic mushrooms. Shrooms are the dipping-your-toe-in-the-hallucinogenic-pond drug, and they can make users feel euphoric, creative, and prone to deep conversations. 

  • Scorpio - Ketamine

    Scorpios are known to be one of the more... volatile signs. While Scorpios have a lot of wonderful traits, their reputation for being intense, dark, and obsessive procedes them. Scorpios have a propensity for explosive emotional displays. In this sense, Scorpios are like Ketamine, a hallucinogenic that can be fun at times but can also plunge you into a terrifying nightmare hellscape (a "k-hole") at a moment's notice.