Details Infinity War Fans Didn’t Catch… Until They Watched It In 4K

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Like every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans couldn't wait for the Infinity War DVD release so they could feast their eyes on the epic Marvel action and break it down in complete detail. While the film was a spectacular watch on the big screen, home video gives fans the freedom to devour every frame in glorious 4K definition - and with that comes a stream of newly discovered Infinity War Easter eggs

Almost immediately, the third Avengers movie inspired heated debate over what could come next in Endgame, and the special-edition Blu-ray adds plenty of fuel to theorists' fires. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo packed the film with an incredible amount of detail - so much so that it could take more than a few viewings to catch everything. Fortunately, many MCU fans scoured Infinity War after its home release and mined a payload of subtle details that may inspire others to give it a re-watch.


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    Thanos Has Hair

    As a genocidal maniac, Thanos is driven by a desire to have absolute control over the universe, which may extend to his grooming. While one might have assumed that Thanos’s bald look meant he belonged to a hairless alien race, Redditor /u/galagaga25 noticed a detail that suggests Thanos actually sticks to a consistent shaving regimen. The high-def, 4K version of the movie reveals stubble on Thanos’s head and chin.

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    Groot’s Last Line To Rocket Is “Dad…”

    For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, director James Gunn wrote actual dialogue for each “I am Groot,” and provided the lines to actor Vin Diesel in a special script to inform his reading. The director is the leading authority on translating Groot's dialogue. Gunn took to Twitter to reveal that Groot’s last line to Rocket before turning to dust was, “Dad.”

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    Thanos Fears The Crimson Bands Of Cyttorak

    Thanos seems to carve through the Avengers with ease in Infinity War, but Redditor /u/Razorwing23 noticed one piece of Avengers offense that gives the Mad Titan a moment of concern: the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. The glowing red bands are a classic spell from Doctor Strange’s comic book repertoire, and Thanos’s facial expression indicates that he respects their power. It’s only a brief moment, though, and Thanos goes right back to wreaking havoc on Earth's mightiest heroes.

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    There Are Bloodstains On Vormir From Previous Sacrifices

    Sometimes, 4K resolution reveals things that fans didn’t really want to see. Redditor /u/pandox992bu noticed subtle evidence that Gamora wasn't the first person sacrificed on Vormir. Faint red splotches mark the impact sites where other loved ones met their ends in pursuit of the Soul Stone.