Subtle 'Futurama' Background Details You Might Have Missed

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Any Futurama fan already knows the series is full with background gags, Simpsons Easter eggs, and secret math equations, but how many have you spotted? Written by a group of people with Ph.Ds, Futurama is one of the smartest cartoons ever to air. It could be worth it to count the 1's and 0's next time to unearth a background joke now and again!

Take a look below and see if you've noticed any of these Futurama background details before, and vote up the ones that flew over your head like the Planet Express.

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    Bender's Room Number Translates To A '$' In ASCII

    From Redditor u/zeromig:

    In Futurama season 1 ep 3, we see Bender's apartment, number 00100100, which in ASCII translates to $, which matches Bender's greedy personality.

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    Part 6502, As Seen Inside Bender's Head, Was Real And Made By Motorola

    From Redditor u/Srz2:

    In Futurama S02E04, Bender is scanned by the F-Ray and reveals his body (head shown). The part 6502 is actually a real 8-Bit Microprocessor (computer brain) developed in 1975 by Motorola.

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    The Calendar Accurately Shows July 3010 As A Sunday

    From Redditor u/genocidalporcupine:

    In Futurama S7:E4 the calendar shown is accurate, July 3010 starts on a Sunday.

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    Eric Cartman's Head Is Preserved

    From Redditor u/create1ders:

    I never noticed Cartman in the background of the head museum!

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    Homer Simpsons' and Marge Bouvier's Initials Are Seen In Robot Hell

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    The Four-Legged Mimic Takes On The Appearance Of Nibbler

    From Redditor u/TheWordOfTyler:

    In Futurama S01E04, "Love's Labours Lost in Space," the Four-legged mimic takes on the appearance of Nibbler.

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