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Subtle Nintendo Merchandise For The Classy Geek In All Of Us

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Vote up the best Nintendo gear that doesn't scream "geek."

Nintendo has several of the best video game franchises, like Super Mario and Pokemon, which explains their large, faithful fanbase. The nostalgia of rescuing Princess Peach or discovering time travel in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is near and dear to many gamers' hearts. And while there is no shame in unabashedly donning loud and colorful Nintendo fan gear, some people like to take a more subtle route to show their support. Thus, compiled here is the best Nintendo merchandise that only real fans can truly appreciate. 

From watches to shirts to potted Pikmin, this list features amazing gear for Nintendo fans. Need a gift for a gamer friend? Or is it one of those "treat yo'self" days? Check out the sweet merchandise below and vote up the Nintendo gear that's the most tasteful.