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Subtle Pirates Of The Caribbean Merchandise You Can Use To Rep Jack Sparrow  

Shanell Mouland
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Captain Jack Sparrow is back in what promises to be the final installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. The latest Disney sequel, Dead Men Tell No Tales, might be the greatest of the saga with Depp returning as one of the best pirate characters, Jack Sparrow. It also features the brilliant Javier Bardem as the bone-chilling Captain Salazar. This movie looks so crazy cool that you better get your tickers early. 

If you're a fan or a friend of a fan, you might want to check out these discreet Pirates of the Caribbean gifts. Fear not, this isn't child-friendly merch. This list of subtle gear features cool, chic, and understated items. Vote up the fan merchandise you'd gladly don or use to show your support for the films.