City Subway Creatures Documents The Metro's Weirdest Riders, And It's Both Disturbing And Glorious

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Anyone who has ever ridden the public metro with a certain amount of frequency knows that there's a dedicated community of riders who loathe, love, and are perplexed by their daily travels. On any given commute, passengers may feel all these opposing emotions at one time. The peak of traffic after 5 PM on a Monday is an especially fraught occasion, but one can witness train passengers in the throes of such various sentiments before the workday has even begun.

Indeed, people from all walks of life and every taxable income bracket ride the metro. Intellectuals use their respective underground commutes as a time to catch up on Amazon Kindle reads, and makeup lovers keep a steady hand when applying foundation while cruising. Some subway riders behave in inexplicable ways, however. They carry trash cans on board with them, they doze in strange positions, and they make various outfit choices that stump even the most style-conscious.

Comedy blog City Subway Creatures documents these train-riding oddities, and even veteran metro users will scratch their heads at these strange antics.