12 People Who Overcame Brutal Bullying to Find Huge Success

Many think mild bullying is just a normal part of growing up. Some successful people who were bullied relentlessly, such as comedian Chris Rock, go so far to say that kids need bullying in some form. Others, however, think bullying of any kind is a national crisis. Regardless of your feelings on the topic, you can take comfort that the Internet has no shortage of stories of famous and super-successful people being bullied: people from all walks of life have had to deal with some pretty brutal stuff. Fortunately, a lot of these famous bullying victims came out relatively unscathed.

Not to minimize anyone's experiences, but some celebrity bullying stories sound fairly tame (such as Taylor Swift saying she was bullied for liking country music). This is especially evident when compared to the stories of celebrities who were bullied that involve the bully throwing them down a flight of stairs. Seriously: two celebs on this list were tossed down the stairs by bullies at least once and they still grew up to be millionaires and achieve success on a world stage. There's hope for us all!

Read on for some of the most brutal celebrity bullying stories ever shared and check out this complete list of famous people who were bullied for more in-depth stories of people transcending bullying to become huge successes in their fields.

Photo: Jason H. Smith / flickr / CC-BY 2.0