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People Describe Times Performing Spells Actually Worked For Them

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Whether they call it magic, magick, witchcraft, or Wicca, people have been practicing the supernatural arts for centuries. It's suspected that many of the rich and famous found the limelight by channeling gods and devils. For those of us who haven't made it big yet, that kind of success is a very tempting offer. Better yet, it may just be a few candles and a couple of prayers away from becoming reality.

Practitioners from all over the world come together on sites like Reddit to share their knowledge and experiences. They post spells, rituals, and techniques to help each other reach the outcomes that they desire. This list brings together some of the most interesting stories about spells that actually worked out for the caster. Who knows, maybe some up-and-coming magicians will be inspired along the way.

  • They Received Unexpected Money

    From Redditor /u/Rowdybunny05:

    I had a string of bad luck financially over the summer and was desperate for money. I hate saying you can use magic for a money spell, but it worked for me.

    Get a piece of paper and write the amount you need on it. Don't be ridiculous, you won't get a million dollars. I wrote 800. I needed a lawyer, rent, food, gas. I had money for other things that would be covered but these were the things I couldn't find money for.

    Fold the paper into a homemade envelope and put a generic coin of any denomination inside. Carve a "$" into a green candle. If you use euros or whatever put your sign instead of the "$." Light the candle. Focus and chant and recite over and over in your head what you need the money for, why, why you couldn't just do this yourself, why you are asking for help.

    Blow out the candle, and seal the envelope with some of the wax from the candle. Put it somewhere it can't be easily found.

    Literally the next day, I got a three-dollar check for something the bank wrongly charged me for. Okay. It's kind of a small start, but hey, I'll take it.

    The second day, I received a check in the mail for $295. This was actually FedEx-ed to my house. It was money I earned that was garnished that I thought I'd never see again, yet there it was. Okay, I'm up to about $300.

    The third day, I checked the mail, and my boyfriend's father sent us $100 cash. We didn't ask him for this. We were not expecting it.

    The fourth day, I decided to apply for a personal loan to cover the rest. I figured what could it hurt? My credit sucks, and I get declined for everything, so it was a joke. It got approved for $300.

    So I was still $100 short but suddenly overtime was available at work!

    So July was a tough month, and everything is okay now.

  • They Protected Themselves Against A Roommate

    From Redditor /u/RicottaPuffs:

    I did a spell of protection from a very unstable roommate. I bound her to suffer the same results as she attempted to gain from her manipulations. Boomerang, really...

    She is an emotionally unstable and very manipulative, narcissistic person.

    It worked better than I hoped that it would... Her manipulations became more pronounced and very obvious to our landlord.

    She is gone. I wish her no harm. I am glad she has moved out.

  • They Got Laid Off - For The Better

    From Redditor /u/sabertoothteddy:

    Did a spell to hold onto my job until I got a job in a field I wanted to get into, and maybe until I got a job I could keep when I moved away for my master's degree.

    The next day, I got laid off.

    A week later, the IT department of the company called me and hired me that day for a position I love, and I'm already getting positive comments from department managers. I can also do the job remotely so I can hold onto it when I move.

  • Their Love Spell Landed On An Unintended Target

    From Redditor /u/Turbo_Scout13:

    I recently tried a love spell... [it worked] on the wrong person. Literally the same day I performed the spell, I got a message from my very first boyfriend telling me he was still in love with me. We dated in 1992. So that was odd because it was not meant for him.