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People Describe Times Performing Spells Actually Worked For Them

Whether they call it magic, magick, witchcraft, or Wicca, people have been practicing the supernatural arts for centuries. It's suspected that many of the rich and famous found the limelight by channeling gods and devils. For those of us who haven't made it big yet, that kind of success is a very tempting offer. Better yet, it may just be a few candles and a couple of prayers away from becoming reality.

Practitioners from all over the world come together on sites like Reddit to share their knowledge and experiences. They post spells, rituals, and techniques to help each other reach the outcomes that they desire. This list brings together some of the most interesting stories about spells that actually worked out for the caster. Who knows, maybe some up-and-coming magicians will be inspired along the way.

  • They Froze Out A Troublemaker

    From Redditor /u/tallux:

    I was having trouble with another person, so I wrote their name on a slip of paper and froze it in a baggie of water (the intention was to "freeze" them, so they'd not be able to take action against me). I was a wee bab witch, only about 15, and after the bag froze, she gradually stopped noticing me. Which was amazing, because we shared a 45-minute bus ride together twice a week for three years!

  • They Cast A Hex, And Paid For It

    From Redditor /u/Pyromaniac11:

    This is gonna sound a bit bad because it was before I became serious in Wicca and took the rules to heart. I had a friend who was being abused by her boyfriend in high school, so I cast a hex to just cause a bit of misfortune for him after they broke up... and - oh, lordy - did it work. He got four speeding tickets in one day, but I will tell you for those who don't believe the threefold rule... it will come back to you [because] I got my just dues about a month later. I got in some serious parental trouble.

  • They Begged The Grim Reaper To Let Their Grandmother Live

    From Redditor /u/Oklahom0:

    Well, there was the time that I begged death to let my grandma live just a bit longer so I could see her before she [passed]. I had a dream about it that told me how to deal with grieving, and I got to see her.

  • They Sent A Harmful Person Across The Country

    From Redditor /u/Licac_Haze:

    A spell that sticks out to me as working well and working fast is a binding I performed on someone who abused me and others. The spell was intended to send them far, far away and keep their negativity to themselves. Within a month, they’d moved across the country, and from what I’ve heard, their bitterness and self-induced misery has only grown.

    Personally, I believe it was so effective because of the sheer amount of emotional energy I fed it with.