HBO's Best Show Just Ended And Fans Have A Ton To Say About 'Succession's' Shocking Finale

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Warning: This list contains spoilers for the Succession finale. Processed with caution. 

After four seasons, Succession finally comes to a close. A new CEO of Waystar has been named. It only took five years. What will we do without the Roy family on Sunday nights though? With such a big ending, fans took to Twitter to express how they felt about it. Vote up the tweets you agree with. 

  • 1. Could You Imagine If This Came Back?

    30 votes
  • 2. Say Cheese!

    Say Cheese!
    Photo: @kendallhosseini / Twitter
    10 votes
  • 3. I Don't Think He Actually Found It Funny

    33 votes
  • 4. Just Seeking Their Dad's Approval

    24 votes
  • 5. Oh No. This Poor Dad.

    23 votes
  • 6. He Said He Was Nothing Without This Company

    24 votes