makeup You Can Pull Off These Succulent-Inspired Hair Colors Without A Green Thumb  

Jessica DeFino
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Want to tap into a never-ending source of beauty inspiration? Take a look outside. Mother Nature comes up with the coolest color combos - like the green, blue, and purple tones of a succulent - and hairstylists are taking note. That’s right: succulent-inspired hair is officially trending.

What is succulent hair? It’s hair color based on the ombré hues of a succulent plant, which can range from dimensional green highlights to bright purple tips with deep blue roots. Not ready to make a dramatic color change? Not to worry - the succulent hair color trend extends well beyond dye jobs. Why not create succulent-shaped braid buns instead?

Even if you have no gardening skills, you’ll have no problem keeping this succulent-inspired hairstyle alive.


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Taking Cues From Both Cacti And Crystals


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When Succulent Hair Meets Unicorn Hair


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Bonus Points If You Wear A Living Succulent In Your Hair


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