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16 Pretty Savage Deaths In ‘The Suicide Squad,' Ranked By Gruesomeness

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Warning: Spoilers 

Warner Bros. The Suicide Squad is more than a mere sequel to the 2016 (Oscar-winning) film, it is a redemption. Though the original was technically a hit, many DC fans consider the movie to be less than stellar. Luckily, with James Gunn at the helm, the follow-up has been deemed a hit with fans, critics, and slasher movie aficionados as the director bringing his horror genre sensibilities to the DC Universe. 

As expected with a name like The Suicide Squad, there are more than a few casualties. And thanks to Gunn's vision, many took their leave of the series in spectacular and bloody fashion. Vote up the characters with the bloodiest send-offs. 

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    The Soldier Ripped Apart By King Shark

    Getting eaten by a shark is a bad way to go, but ripped apart while alive and then devoured by a half-man, half-shark is perhaps even worse.

    This unnamed soldier was given one of the worst deaths in the film when King Shark ripped them apart before feasting on their innards. 

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    The Thinker Is Ripped Apart By Starro

    The Thinker (Peter Capaldi) thought he had the upper hand on Starro, torturing the massive starfish until it bent to his will. But after an explosion set the wannabe kaiju free from its captivity, The Thinker had to pay for his years of mistreatment.

    After attempting to sweet talk the galaxy-wandering invertebrate, Starro ripped The Thinker apart, tearing off his limbs in an expression of its rage. 

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    "Political Rivals... And Their Loved Ones" Are Flayed Alive (-ish)

    As The Thinker explains to the Suicide Squad how Starro the Conqueror was used as a weapon by powerful men, the camera pans around a lab showing victims of the space monster's attacks, one by one.

    One of the victims has a star-shaped wound where their face used to be.

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  • A holdover from the original movie, Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) returns to the ranks of the Squad with his cocky humor and deadly Aussie weapons. Sadly, this time around, he doesn't make it beyond the first few minutes as he is wiped out in a helicopter crash caused by Mongal. But before the fire consumes him, he is impaled by several sharp objects, then sliced and diced by the blades of the helicopter.

    Boomerang died a painful and fiery death on the shores of Corto Maltese, as his charred arm was raised in an act of defiance, holding his beloved weapon. 

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