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12 Super Brutal, Violent Villains Who Should Be In The Next Suicide Squad Film

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There's an ancient proverb that states: a superhero is only as good as their villain. Socrates said that, probably. Look, you can't prove he didn't. Anyway, despite this time-tested wisdom, it's a problem that many recent superhero films have struggled with. Compelling villains make for worthy challenges against the hero, and it's been awhile since we've seen a truly savage and evil villain on the big screen.

If there were ever a superhero movie that deserved a particular nasty villain, it would be Suicide Squad. While the first film didn't have enough time to develop a memorable villain, hopefully the eventual sequel will take things to the next level. Over the years, some of the craziest Suicide Squad villains have battled the team of antiheroes, and any one of them would be perfect to pit against Task Force X in a future movie.

Which Suicide Squad villains should be in the sequel? Black Adam, Bronze Tiger, and General Zod are just a few bad guys that could be making an appearance. Take a look and see all the Suicide Squad characters not in the movie, but have a chance of making an appearance in the future.