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12 Super Brutal, Violent Villains Who Should Be In The Next Suicide Squad Film

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There's an ancient proverb that states: a superhero is only as good as their villain. Socrates said that, probably. Look, you can't prove he didn't. Anyway, despite this time-tested wisdom, it's a problem that many recent superhero films have struggled with. Compelling villains make for worthy challenges against the hero, and it's been awhile since we've seen a truly savage and evil villain on the big screen.

If there were ever a superhero movie that deserved a particular nasty villain, it would be Suicide Squad. While the first film didn't have enough time to develop a memorable villain, hopefully the eventual sequel will take things to the next level. Over the years, some of the craziest Suicide Squad villains have battled the team of antiheroes, and any one of them would be perfect to pit against Task Force X in a future movie.

Which Suicide Squad villains should be in the sequel? Black Adam, Bronze Tiger, and General Zod are just a few bad guys that could be making an appearance. Take a look and see all the Suicide Squad characters not in the movie, but have a chance of making an appearance in the future. 

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    Arkham Asylum

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    Anyone who has seen the DC animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham, knows that it's not really a Batman movie, but rather a Suicide Squad movie in disguise. Released when the idea of a Suicide Squad live-action film was still in development, the movie was designed to test the waters to see how audiences would react to seeing the Squad lead their own movie.

    Also, the animated film is the far superior Suicide Squad movie and it's a damn shame the live-action version didn't draw more inspiration from Assault on Arkham. The plot of the movie revolves around the Riddler discovering super confidential information before being captured and thrown in Arkham Asylum. Afraid that he's going to reveal government secrets, Amanda Waller sends in the Suicide Squad to either extract him, or take him out if necessary.

    It essentially becomes a prison break movie as the Squad lays siege on Arkham. Things become even more complicated when Batman shows up to stop them, and Harley goes AWOL to release her beloved Joker from confinement. The crazy, macabre environment of Arkham Asylum would be the perfect setting for the next film. 

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    The Injustice League

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    Instead of having the Suicide Squad face one main dastardly villain, why not an entire team? Maybe this sort of storyline would best be saved for a theoretical third movie in the franchise, when the Squad has to come to terms with the fact that they are basically good guys now. 

    But a team of bad guys facing off against a team of even worse bad guys would be something we've never seen on screen before. The Injustice League could give each Squad member a mirror counterpoint to face off against. Forget Batman v Superman, imagine a movie where you have Deadshot v Deathstroke, Harley Quinn v The Joker, Captain Boomerang v Captain Cold, Killer Croc v Solomon Grundy, and Katana v Parasite! With it's wide pool to draw from, there's literally dozens of supervillains who could make up the team and provide a challenge for the Suicide Squad. 

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    Dwayne "The Now-Boulder" Johnson is the complex villain Black Adam in the DC cinematic universe. Given Johnson's incredible star power, and given the difficulty of fleshing out villains for superhero films, the writers of the next Suicide Squad film should incorporate Black Adam into the story to give audiences a taste of how deadly he can be.

    He's the type of villain that Amanda Waller was afraid of when she formed her Suicide Squad, so why not let Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, et al. actually prove they're not to be messed with by taking on one of the most powerful beings in DC's history?

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    Having the Suicide Squad under government employment allows for missions that are considered too... confidential for the public to know about. With that in mind, one of the best villains for the Squad to take on for the follow up film would be General Wade Eiling.

    Eiling is a high standing general in the US military and an all-around jerk. He hates superpowered people and wants to do absolutely everything he can to stop them, so he becomes one himself. You know, logic. First introduced in Captain Atom #1, Eiling has gone on to be a thorn in the side of almost all the major heroes in the DC Universe. 

    He already has a perfect setup to explore in a film version. With the world becoming more accepting of Superman and the Justice League, Eiling goes rogue in order to find a way to keep superpowered people in check. Not wanting to cause a controversy Amanda Waller sends the Squad after him. Of course, they would arrive too late. In the comics, Eiling becomes a monstrous creature that rivals Superman in terms of strength and agility, and that would be a perfect third-act finale for the sequel. 

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