Fun Summer Activities for People Who Hate the Water

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For those of you who love summer but hate the water, there's plenty you can do to enjoy the season and keep cool. Sure, most people take to the beach, pool, or even sprinkler in the front yard during their summers, but there's so much more to summer than simply taking a dip and laying out. Whether you're looking for something more relaxing or some fun outdoor activities that don't involve water, you can find a list of great options below. 

Depending on where you live, hiking is always a great summer activity. Though you may want to pick a trail that doesn't cross any rivers or creeks, a nice walk through the woods provides both beautiful scenes and shade to beat the heat. You can even bring a book and relax under a tree. For less conventional ideas, consider racing go karts or playing a round of mini golf at your local family fun center. Want a fun activity that doesn't cost money? Take a bike ride somewhere new or catch the stars at night in your backyard. Clearly, there's plenty of fun summer ideas for those who hate water, but which of these water-less activities are best? 

No matter your preferences (other than avoiding water), you'll find there's a long list of great ideas to partake in that don't involve water. Plus, you'll be saving the planet! Take a look at summer activities below and vote up your favorites.

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  • Get Ice Cream with Friends
    30 votes

    Get Ice Cream with Friends

  • Make Your Own Popsicles
    25 votes

    Make Your Own Popsicles

  • Throw a BBQ
    23 votes

    Throw a BBQ

  • Take a Trip to the Fair
    31 votes

    Take a Trip to the Fair

  • Visit a Theme Park
    28 votes

    Visit a Theme Park

  • Make Tie-Dye Shirts
    23 votes

    Make Tie-Dye Shirts