Summer Camp Horror Stories

Summer camp is supposed to be filled with fun activities, new friends, and life-long memories. And how summertime is portrayed in movies, the season definitely seems like a 24/7 adventure. Although accidents can happen anywhere, these summer camp horror stories prove that summer camps aren't spared the worst tragedies and terrifying incidents.

Just about every person who's gone to summer camp has memories of terrible mosquito bites and poison ivy. Leaving camp with scrapes and bruises or even a busted bone doesn't seem so surprising. Though exact statistics are not known, it's estimated that as many as a hundred campers perish every year while away for the summer. Our list compiles wrecks, swimming tragedies, fires, and heartbreaking events that all took place at summer camp. Other horror stories involve food allergies as well as the general negligence on the part of counselors and supervisors. 

There are serious risks you should consider when you send your kid off to live with strangers for a few weeks. Before you decide on a camp for your kids, make sure you've done your research. Laws regarding summer camps vary from state to state. That means you need to ask the tough questions when it comes to the safety of your child. 

Do any of these stories make you think twice about sending your children to summer camp?