25 Pet Products To Help Your Dog Have The Best Summer Ever

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Summer is an amazing time to bond with your dog. Whether it's taking them for hikes, playing fetch in the backyard, or just chilling by the pool, the only thing more fun for dogs than summer is spending it with you.

That's why we've put together this list of toys, accessories, and other pet products to help make this season the best one yet for your best friend. It includes plenty of outdoor pet gear, summer themed toys, and watery delights. Of course, because this season does tend to bring around bugs and intense heat, this list includes also includes remedies for those blazing dog days. Many items will help your pet cool down and stay safe during the hotter days.

So scroll through to see if any of these products catch your eye, and vote up the ones you think are sure to make your dog one happy summer pupper!

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  • Paw Protectant
    Photo: Chewy

    This paw protectant works in both summer and winter, protecting delicate paws from hot pavement as well as ice and snow thanks to a layer of pet-safe wax. The container is even made for easy paw-dipping.

    Protect their paws for $14.99

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  • Cooling Gel Mat
    Photo: Chewy

    This cooling matt works on its own, on the floor of a kennel, or on top of a pet bed to keep your pooch comfortable while they sleep with a gel pad that stays cool to the touch in warm summer weather.

    Keep your baby cool for $37.06

    6 votes
  • Collapsible Water Bowl
    Photo: Chewy

    This collapsible water bowl is great for long hikes, as it easily flattens out and attaches to backpacks, leashes, or belt loops for easy transport. When you pop it back up, it retains shape and holds plenty of water or food to refresh your pet.

    Stay hydrated for $11.99

    5 votes
  • Pet Beach Cabana
    Photo: Chewy

    While you work on your tan, your furry friend can lounge nearby in style without overheating. Just attach the canopy to your dogs raised bed to keep them off the hot ground and in the shade. 

    Have it made in the shade for $15.99

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  • Cooling Bandana
    Photo: Chewy

    Dogs overheat easily when the temperature goes up, and using this product is an easy way to prevent that. Just run it under water to activate its cooling properties and tie it around Fido's neck. The material stays chilly and comfy, and you can even toss it in the fridge or freezer for an extra burst of doggy AC.

    Chill out for $14.99

    6 votes
  • Doggie Pool And Sprinkler
    Photo: Amazon

    People love going to water parks during warm weather season, so why wouldn't dogs? This toy easily attaches to a hose to provide a fun pool/sprinkler set up for dogs to run through and sit under to escape the heat.

    Get a backyard water park for $38.99

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